Broadband - Zone Alarm or Kerio Poll!

  floydking 09:06 25 Apr 2004

Having installed broadband about 3 months ago I decided to try 'Kerio' firewall instead of 'Zone Alarm', which I had previously employed while I was on dial-up. I have tried others i.e. 'McAfee' and 'Argentium'. The latter was a total disaster, and Mcafee didn't live up to it's expense either and was soon removed. However, since using 'Kerio' I do seem to contract a hell of a lot of strange and exotic viruses etc. still. These do not seem to be associated with Email as I am extremely careful, and also employ 'Mailwasher' which is brilliant! (read Pipex.4.W for some more information). Is this the fault of 'Kerio', or is it simply the Broadband 'experience'. Should I revert to 'Zone Alarm.' I am running XP Pro, obviously with it's amusing little 'firewall' unplugged.

  matt1234 09:15 25 Apr 2004


i say that mcafee as long as u have the pc power it will work fine its just a bit quiet and sounds like its not doing anything but it is my version can even track where the hack came from

  floydking 10:11 25 Apr 2004

Mine failed badly within 24 hours!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:12 25 Apr 2004

Firewalls do NOT stop viruses. The 'exotic' viruses have nothing to do with your firewall. There is never any need to pay for an AV or firewall but as you have tried a few firewalls and not had any joy I would say that there is a problem with your configuration (especially as you have use Outpost which seems to be the most stable and uses the least resources of all the firewalls). If you keep your AV current you will have no problems with viruses. Ev3n if you do catch one removal is triple easy and tales of them destroying hard drives are largely apocryphal.

Your chances of getting 'hacked' are about the same as winning the lotto 3 times on the trot.


  spuds 10:42 25 Apr 2004

If you want to make a choice try here click here click here click here

Personally I use the ZoneAlarm freebie on my machines. Never let me down yet, and I have used it for a long time now.

  floydking 10:43 25 Apr 2004

Hi Gandi! I found Argentium terrible. The administrator's log told me that it had failed many more times than I was even aware of - that one was the freebie so I didn't feel too badly done by. As for McAfee, I may have left it a little long before uploading it, because it initially failed before it could possibly have even updated. I know they aren't really responsible for viruses, that's what I use AVGs freebie for. I have always found that to be 1st class, better than Norton, or Panda anyway. I know it's often considered a bit of a controvery to mention 'Norton' and 'not being very good' in the same breath, but as all of us, I can only speak by what I have found by experience. I think Norton Utilities are brilliant, but that is another matter. As for updates etc. I am almost fanatical about them. I always make a point of trying for one for AVG and Adaware 6 every time I start in the morning, and again at dayz end. Of course the firwalls look after themselves.

  floydking 10:49 25 Apr 2004

Hi Spuds! That looks really interesting. However, a bit like hi fi, I always tend to think that separates are almost by definition, better than systems that do it all.

  joseph k. 19:07 29 Apr 2004

i would have thought that the word 'poll' would have received more postings than this. Lucky I'm not a magazine editor innit.

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