broadband and XP

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I have just had NTL broadband installed on my XP computer. I have three user accounts on the computer, mine, my girlfriends and family. The software and connection was installed fine on mine, but when my girlfriend tried to surf on her account, if she tried to go beyond the NTL website it said that the site could only be viewed off line.

I have tried to find a setting that allows the connection to be used by all users but can not, and when I called NTL technical line they said they only support the main user and could not tell me how to share the connection.

Can anyone help me allow the other user accounts to use the broadband connection?

  [DELETED] 18:56 10 Aug 2003

You should be able to sort this out via the Control panel under User Accounts.

I do assume though that your girlfriend has clicked the NTL icon (which I assume you have) and then input the NTL User Name and Password again for her that you had to do for yourself. You can't just click the Internet Explorer icon from the desktop in the same way that you could with a dial-up modem.

I know that I have made a couple of assumptions here which may not be of help, I use Pipex myself and so am unfamiliar with NTL. If they are not helpfull or you need help with the Control Panel then post back.


  [DELETED] 19:00 10 Aug 2003

You should have no problems with any users using the NTL I have 3 accounts running on XP just make sure that in IE6/Tools/Internet options/Connections "never dial a connection is selected for each user and in Lan settings "automatically detect settings" is ticked. Make sure this is done for each account

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try this
What you need is Tweak UI 2 from Microsoft.
click here then on the left click "TweakUI.exe" (Direct download click here)

Download, install, Then open Tweak UI, Click 'Logon', now place a tick in the the box next to 'Keep RAS Connections after loff". Now click ok and you'll now have what you want.

It does work also when switching users.

I only learnt of this tonight (from Powerless) it may help

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please ignore previous posting - i sent it in error - APOLOGIES!

  howard60 21:24 10 Aug 2003

I have ntl broadband 600k and a peer to peer network. I do not even have to log in on the second pc for it to be able to work normally. The main pc has to be on line before the second one can connect though. Perhaps you need to just switch user not log off after starting up from the main account.

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