Broadband, XBox and Router

  goll_y 15:00 30 Aug 2004

This is sort of linked to another post which is going around about Routers.

I'm definately going broadband, just choosing which one (in UK) to go with. I want to link it up to my XBox therefore need a compatible router -

There seem to be two options

1. Wanadoo £22.99 per month (1Mb but with 6GB a month limit). Suggest router (SpeedTouch510) at £85.99 per month (Wanadoo Home Wireless is £79.99).

2. BT £24.99 per month (512kbps with 15GB limit) - Router is £20 online.

What do people reckon? Is there a cheapish router which I can get rather than £85.99 suggested by Wanadoo? or should I go with the BT one?

Also, if I eventually wanted to go wireless, is this going to make a difference and is there anything else I would need?

Thanks for the help.

  ensonricky 19:58 30 Aug 2004

If your intending to use an Xbox I suggest you go for a broadband provider without download limits such as Pipex Xtreme Solo 500. click here
Note no equipment of set up costs, I would opt for 3 microfilters and purchase your own modem/router such as click here

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