broadband on windows vista

  happygirl2 20:03 08 Apr 2007

My new laptop has windows vista (against my better judgement but none of them had XP) and I'm having problems already!

I have broadband from Trilogy and my "BT Voyager 105" modem worked fine on my old laptop but it isnt compatable with vista. So I bought a new modem at great expense, a netgear one, and it still wont work. Sometimes it appears to go through the right processes although it takes a very long time and all the lights are lit on the modem but it tells me that it cant connect to the internet. Other times the disk throws a strop and I get an error message. I dont think that it's actually properly installed yet but I'm not sure. There's no icon on the desktop or new programme listed.

I will phone trilogy and ask their advice but I cant do that till tues. Any help before then much appreciated! thanks :)

  anskyber 20:10 08 Apr 2007

If it is a netgear modem then connect via the ethernet connection. You should not need to install drivers for that type.

  happygirl2 20:15 08 Apr 2007

hi, thanks. It is connected through the ethernet connection. I didn't know that I didn't need to install the disk that came with it! Either way, it's not working!

  anskyber 20:37 08 Apr 2007

Usually it's a case of openning a web page (ie launching internet explorer0 and typing in the correct code for your ISP and it should set up instantly as in this advice. click here

  Dipso 22:03 08 Apr 2007

You need to plug the ethernet cable into your router and the PC and then connect to the phone line, then type click here into your browser. If asked for username and password the defaults are "admin" and "password".

You should be presented with a wizard which will take you through setting it up.

  happygirl2 04:55 10 Apr 2007

thanks guys. I took your advice but it's still not working :(

  Dipso 14:56 10 Apr 2007

You could try resetting the router by powering it up and sticking a pin or similar in the little hole at the rear. Once it has reverted to factory set up you can start afresh. If this doesn't work the router could be duff.

  happygirl2 15:03 17 Apr 2007

We took the modem back to the shop and it worked in there. So it's not duff but I think I need to try another one as my next step unless you guys can suggest something else? What alternative modem could I try?

  happygirl2 15:04 17 Apr 2007

Oh and also, a guy who works in computers has been to our house and failed to get it working so this is not just me!!

  Dipso 16:14 17 Apr 2007

Try the BT test login click here this will tell if your ISP is the problem.

  happygirl2 16:40 17 Apr 2007

Thank you, I will have a look at that.

Broadband is still woring in my house as I can still get it on a Windows XP laptop.

Another thing on the Windows Vista laptop is that it will show as connected to the Internet, Trilogy confirm that I am connected, even though I'm not.

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