broadband on win95 ??

  Ikelos 13:31 24 Apr 2006

hi, is it possible to run BB on a pc running win95, I ask because when the grandkids come over it is not long before they want to go onto messenger and chat with their mates, not that keen on letting mess with the all singing all dancing laptop. ;-), it could be the answer to my prayers..seeing as there is a compaq pc sitting there doing nothing.


  johnnyrocker 13:33 24 Apr 2006

i doubt it will work as no usb facility?


  Ikelos 13:39 24 Apr 2006

I might be in with a chance here, it does have a usb port, must have been one of the last win95 PC's made..

  johnnyrocker 13:42 24 Apr 2006

i doubt it as i think you will find most if not all isp's specify win 98se as minimum spec.


  ventanas 13:43 24 Apr 2006

You may have problems with IE as well, being a long-outdated version. However it may well work through ethernet, but I doubt if Win95's very rudimentary USB support will hack it.

You could try Firefox or Netscape to get over the IE issue.

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  Ikelos 13:54 24 Apr 2006

I have fallen at the first fence, as was said, all the drivers need 98..oh well. I will see about making it win98.

thanks all

  johnnyrocker 14:16 24 Apr 2006



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