Broadband will not connect

  gibb01 13:13 21 Nov 2004

My Onetel ADSL broadband will not connect unless the telephone line is in use.

  safemode 13:26 21 Nov 2004

you got filter on all phone sockets?

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  JIM 13:36 21 Nov 2004

are you sure your systems broadband setup is as it should be?
There is one way to find out.Disconnect the phone at the main box and plug your broadband usb cable and filter into the main input box. Thats if you can move your pc system to that location.

  palinka 13:36 21 Nov 2004

and if you've got phone extensions to other rooms in your house you need to place the filters at each extension - position at the incoming point is important: must be after the extensions have "left", not before.

  safemode 15:24 21 Nov 2004

try the above if no luck contact either BB provider or telephone provider, as this looks like a telephony problem.

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  GERITO 17:21 21 Nov 2004

I've been having trouble myself connecting to onetel broadband through the dialup box which appears when I open Outlook Express or Internet Explorer. It always worked fine when I first set up the broadband a few weeks ago, but lately it responded by putting up a box telling me that it could not connect, and maybe my modem was not set up properly. Sometimes pulling out the USB plug to the modem and replacing it a few minutes later solved the problem, but not always.

Then I tried going to the Speedtouch modem program in the Start menu and using its dialup box instead . And that works every time so far!
Obviously something needs to be sorted, but that will do for the time being.
I hope it works for you

  palinka 20:03 23 Nov 2004

gibb01, thanks for your email; been busy since. Looks as if others have offered useful advice. I had similar experinence to Gerito when I first set mine up and had to unplug and re-plug several times, and then it suddenly worked! Hope you've managed to solve it. If you have, it's useful to write back to this thread to say how you did it and also, if it is solved, to tick and click on Resolved.

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