Broadband- which one?

  algernonymous 17:30 02 Jul 2004

I would really like broadband and it is available in my area, but- I am moving home at end of July and may be moving again within a year after that. Does anyone know of an isp that provides free connection, a free modem, charges less than £20 a month, but mainly- doesn't charge if you change addresses? (or doesn't charge too much).

  tnt115 17:39 02 Jul 2004

go to this click here it has all the information on service providers to hardware etc

  Pesala 18:31 02 Jul 2004

However, not available everywhere. No charge for moving, £17.99 a month for 150K Home broadband, increasing to 300 K in August if the rumours are correct. Modem is free, contract is for 12 months to cover their setup costs. Half price for first three months too at the moment click here

What you get: click here

My main complaint is the cost and difficulty of getting help on my mobile when things go wrong, which seems to have been all too frequent in my experience. I don't want to rent a phone line too, so it is cheaper for me than ADSL.

Plusnet is another cheap B/B service worth looking at. Lignt use, 512 K broadband (1 Gbyte / month) for £14.99 click here generous webspace of 250 Mbytes.

  The Kestrel 18:48 02 Jul 2004

I have just moved to broadband with Pipex for £19.99 p/m (1Gb/month) with no 12 month contract. It includes free modem and connection. They were very quick setting up the line, and kept me up to date with regular emails. The equipment arrived well before activation date and was very easy to install. I was up and running in less than 20 minutes.Support (local call rate) is excellent. I had a slight problem setting up my email account, my fault not theirs, but they patiently checked through with me until it was correct. I can recommend them.

  algernonymous 21:52 10 Jul 2004

Thanks, am checking them out.

  Dipso 22:25 10 Jul 2004

than £20 a month...that's a tall order!

Although Pipex has no 12 month contract, they do charge you the £58.75 activation fee if you leave them in the first 12 months. I don't know whether you can avoid this is you move house and reconnect to their service though.

I don't know of ANY ISP's that fit your requirements exactly BUT you could consider Virgin who have free connection, the offer of a modem for £9.99 and a true 1 month contract. There are no tie ins whatsoever. I signed up with them last year and only stayed for 6 weeks as I found better deal. They charge £24.99 currently.

  Dipso 22:44 10 Jul 2004

It seems that Pipex will charge if you move in the first 12 months, even if you intend to reconnect to their service.

  Djohn 05:12 11 Jul 2004

I'm with Zen, not the cheapest at £27.99 per month but an excellent ISP. 3-5 days from order to being on-line. Set-up takes less than 3 minutes to install the drivers and being a small but professional company you are very likely to get your own name for e-mail.

Been with them for 9 months now, no spam at all and no problems, works first time every time. ADSL Guide rate them No. 1 month after month. Plusnet, Pipex and Nildrem also rate highly.

  algernonymous 12:12 11 Jul 2004

Latest info;
Plusnet - £14.99, 512k, 1Gb, modem from £34.99
Nildram - £15.99, 512k, 1Gb, set-up £58.75 Move location-£14.99
Pipex - £19.99, 512k, 1Gb, free setup/activation Move loc.-? (£58.75?-awaiting reply to email)

Thanks dipso, djohn

I guess Nildram is looking best at mo' Setup fee spread over 12 months would equate to around £20 per mnth, move for £15 looks good.

I am not due to get BB until February but I have been looking around at all the options (and getting totally confused by the multiplicity!) so I have added this as more information.



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