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  funf 18:06 27 May 2003

My motherboard has a via chipset. Alcatel modems do not work with via. Can anybody help me and let me know which broadband modems work with via. I am told that it is the high 440-500ma that the modem requires that causes the problem with Alcatel and Via.

  Voiceoverman 18:21 27 May 2003

I'm having fun and games with ALCATEL too! Like you, I have a VIA chipset and the modem just keeps closing down BUT randomly. I can't offer any answers to your questions but it appears we're not alone! It's becoming clear to me that these problems are more widespread than at first thought and I'm surprised the suppliers of Broadband services - such as BT/ NTL + OTHERS - don't appear to be tackling it before you sign up for the service. If AMD Via chipsets are creating such headaches and the 'word out there' is, as you say, that ALCATEL doesn't work with Via, why aren't we being told of the potential problems at contract signing?

  funf 18:24 29 May 2003

Thanks voiceoverman is nice not to be alone. Somebody must be using broadband and via chipset so come on let us in on the modem in use

  robalewis 19:34 29 May 2003

If you're looking at modems etc for ADSL, I would suggest this site - they do not sell products, but have extremely good reviews of products:
click here

The forums are absolutely packed with unhappy (or in rare cases, happy) people, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for

  tartanterror 20:40 29 May 2003

i'm using alcatel speed touch usb the one that looks like a fish lol
also with a via chipset without any problems.

  -pops- 21:27 29 May 2003

I normally use Abit motherboards in the computers I construct and they are normally fitted with Via chipsets. Almost all the current machines I've built (more than twelve) are connected with broadband and use an Alcatel broadband modem with no problems whatever.

Are you sure this Alcatel/Via incompatibility is not some sort of smoke screen from someone unable to offer a reasoned explanation why some system or othe doesn't function?

A USB port is, or should be, able to supply a working current of 500mA. That is part of the specification for that equipment. If your motherboard is unable to supply this, it is a motherboard fault, not a fundamental error in the chipset, Via or otherwise.

  Despicable Desperado 22:30 29 May 2003

It is like most things in the computer world - not everything is comaptible with everything else. If your USB modem don't work why not invest in a PCI card - problem solved (well hopefully unless you use cable!!!)

  Tigger 22:34 29 May 2003

The Alcatel modem had problems with the older VIA chipsets. If yours is fairly recent then I dont think you will have a problem. If it is a problem to you, then you could buy an extra PCI card with USB ports. It may even be worth your while to get one with USB 2.0 if your PC does not already have USB 2.0 ports. I have been using a Alcatel stingray modem for some time with this configuration and it has been faultless. Having said that I upgraded to a Speedtouch 510 v4 router yesterday, but that was to use the networking facility and allow my son to connect to the internet without my PC being switched on.

Good luck. Trevor.

  funf 17:20 30 May 2003

Thanks everybody for your help.I did eventually find out that via have had problems with high rated broadband modems. They may have cured it on later boards. I now run an Ethernet ADSL Modem trouble free at 80 ma. Thanks everybody.

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