Broadband upgrade - 10 days needed??

  compumac 16:18 01 Oct 2008

I have moved over to UPTO 8Mb BT Total Broadband Option 1 commencing as from today. BT do state that there should be no difficulty in increasing my previous download speed.
I am given to understand that ten days are said to be the time taken for it to get up to speed, but first thing this morning and every two hours I have been using ThinkBroadband Speed Tester. Whereas the upload speed has gone immediately from a constant 241Kbps for the last week or so up to now 375Kbps, the downstream has been the same as before with very little variation at 240Kbps.
I would have expected (perhaps totally incorrectly) that as there has been a distinct difference in upload speed there should also be some difference in download speed. Am I way out in my thinking.
BT said to give it ten days.

  Technotiger 16:20 01 Oct 2008

Be patient, give it the full ten days.

  compumac 16:22 01 Oct 2008

My wife will not bet with me now.
I understand about giving the ten days, but am I wrong to expect some marginal improvement in this short time?

  compumac 15:34 02 Oct 2008

I am still using ThinkBroadband Speed Tester and the download speed has been consistently around 940kbps with upload at 375kbps as it was before I moved to bT Broadband Option 1.
I would have expected the download to marginly increase from the 940kbps despite the passing of only 40 hours. BT helpline took control of my PC remotely today and the screen displayed Downstream 8,128kbps and 448kbps using BT Home Hub Manager -ADSL line status.
I cannot relate the figures that were displayed with those of the ThinkBroadband Speed Tester. Unfortunately the BT helpline spoke with an accent and at such a speed that it was difficult to totally comprehend.
Can anyone put me straight?

  woodchip 15:44 02 Oct 2008

If it takes this long I take it that it is a BB max line!

  compumac 15:46 02 Oct 2008

BB max line?

  rawprawn 16:15 02 Oct 2008

I'm on BT up to 8MB max, and the upgrade I had was just about instant. At the moment on
click here I am getting 6231 up, and 331 down.
See what you are getting, I would be inclined to ring BT BB help 0800 800 030, but try the BT Speed Test first.

  rawprawn 16:17 02 Oct 2008

Sorry I see you have already spoken to BT.

  compumac 16:28 02 Oct 2008

The BT helpline verbally stated that I was getting 8,128 at the router and also at the PC???
I cannot reconcile this with the figure tested by ThinkBroadband Speed Tester and also others. I am certainly not getting anything faster than I was before moving to Total Broadband Option 1.
Basically as I understand it, the Helpline is saying you are getting 8,128 so the problem is with the setup of the PC. In controlling my PC remotely he commented on the number of icons on the desktop as being a contributory factor in the discrepancy between the figures. This I take with a large pinch of salt as I have another PC alongside that has virtually nothing on it and the results using that are exactly the same.

  compumac 16:38 02 Oct 2008

Rawprawn was one of the other speed testers that I have used and generally they all give around the same figures i.e 940 download and 377 upload.
I cannot grasp as to the difference in the compared figures. 940kbps by several Online speed testers and BT's own speed test as displayed at 8,128kbps by the helpline.

  tullie 16:43 02 Oct 2008

whos impatient then,its only been a day.

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