Broadband and TV Cards

  Colin Manning 15:12 23 Mar 2004

When I recently installed a Hauppauge TV card, I lost my BT Broadband connection. When I removed the card and all its software, I was once again able to connect to the internet using broadband.

I returned the card to the shop and I was then told that TV Cards will not at present work on computers that connect to the internet using broadband as the software conflicts with the modem drivers.

Does anyone know if this statement is true and if so, is there anyone that has been able to get around this problem?

The shop did refund me my money so I am not out of pocket, I am just interested.

  Kate B 15:17 23 Mar 2004

My TV card doesn't interfere at all with my broadband! Can't remember what make it is (I'm at work) but it's very happy with my Pipex BB.

  grw44 16:19 23 Mar 2004

I have a Hauppage TV card and Freeserve broadband which get along quite happily together

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