broadband trouble

  armourer576 16:29 19 Jul 2003

Ihave 2 computers:a laptop and a desk top.
I got broadband from AOL and it works ok on my laptop but on the desktop i have problems. My desk top is a Mesh 1 GHz machine running windows Me. When I log onto aol with the desk top the modem (BT voyager 100)shuts off after logging on. I spoke to AOL and they said it was the usb couldn't cope with the power drain however when i went on to the BT website the computer is well within the specifications laid down. Please help. the motherboard is an ASUS A7V-E.

  canard 19:27 19 Jul 2003

My trouble with BB was sorted by uninstalling all other USB apps. Might do the same for you.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:20 19 Jul 2003

If you are using ME there is a microsoft fix for the USB problem. If someone could post the linky I would be grateful as I have to leg it pronto!


  graham√ 20:51 19 Jul 2003

click here;EN-US;q263218

  graham√ 20:57 19 Jul 2003

click here;EN-US;q263218

  graham√ 20:58 19 Jul 2003

Well, I tried!

  Steve- 21:00 19 Jul 2003

I had a similar problem with a Mesh Computer, it was caused by the VIA Chipset shutting down because of the power drain from the Modem, an upgrade of the VIA drivers sorted the problem.

Assuming you have a VIA Chipset with early drivers - click here

Take note of the information regarding ME and early operation systems and use the latest suitable.

  graham√ 21:01 19 Jul 2003

Put q263218 in google.

  dipsy 23:24 19 Jul 2003

This refers to Alcatel modems mainly but may give you some ideas as to what the problem could be.
click here
Also I read that if you installed the latest USB patch this could help.
click here
You may have to dig around a little!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:53 20 Jul 2003

click here


ps to paste in MS links use this script...http :// /q***/*/**.asp , take out the spaces after 'http' and 'articles' and replace the asterisks with the MS number.


  graham√ 09:28 20 Jul 2003

Thanks for the tip, pasted into Notepad for future use!

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