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Hi All

I am going to install my friends tiscali broadband tomorrow, when i first installed tiscali broadband there was a problem with the phone line not being configured properly by BT as a result could not access broadband.

Tiscali were able to discover it was a BT fault as they asked to place to create a seperate login and use different dial numbers, it didnt work for tiscali numbers but did for BT. I think they were something similar ADSL_TEST ...

You cant actually view webpages or surf the net they are just connection numbers.

The only reason why i need to know is if my friend as the same problem we wont having to redial ,redial and redial , change my username , password , change direct debit details when a simple call can be made to BT and take two days rather than 1 week.

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  [DELETED] 22:38 16 Feb 2006

whats the question ?

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Does anyone know any broadband test calls to make sure the phone line is configured properly?

  johnnyrocker 23:41 16 Feb 2006

speak to your/their isp as what you are asking about does not exist.


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Mate it does exist ...

When i first installed tiscali i could not connect when i phoned their technical after many attempts to solve the connection problem they gave me a BT username and a 3 digit to dial on my computer , i was able to connect to BT but when i tried tiscali it didnt work.

Like i said you cant actually view any webpages or use the web for free but you can test your connection.

HAs anyone had a similar problem to me before?

  [DELETED] 00:01 17 Feb 2006

I know the thing your asking,just can't recall the details.Its very similar to bt_test**** and I know just the chap to affirm the correct details,but dont know where he is presently.The info is posted in PCA by Djohn.

  [DELETED] 00:46 17 Feb 2006

regarding this topic so I'll see if I can help. There is a test that many people do through their ISP but when done this way it does not determine much because of the fact your still going through your ISP and any internet interference.

What you need to do is connect direct to your local exchange without going through your ISP and it is what BT Wholesale will ask you to try for a couple of days when they are brought into the equation.

First thing to do is log off your ISP then go to Network Connections and make a new connection using the connection wizard. Details as follows.

For your username type:

[email protected] speedtest_ domain

I've left a space after the @ & the underscore to stop it turning into a link, so remove these two spaces when typing it in. For the password use,


Finish off the wizard and you will now have a new connection Icon in your connections window sitting alongside your normal ISP one. Click on it and click again on the dial button, you will now see the two small PC's on your taskbar to show you have a connection to the exchange.

Open explorer, it will be a blank page. Type into the address bar the following:

speedtester. bt. com

Again I've left spaces after the dots to stop it turning into a link, when you type it in, remove the spaces. You will now see the official BT test page, tap in your phone number and click on go. You will see the results given for your speed and it is also logged at the exchange for BT to check themselves. You are allowed only 1 test every 30 minutes.

This test will verify if your connection from your master socket to the exchange is good or poor. If you register a good speed then any faults your having are to do with network congestion or your ISP. If the results are poor, [low speed test] then the fault lies between your PC - master socket and the line to the exchange.

Once you've done the test log off by right clicking on the two PC Icons on the right of your task bar and log back on to your ISP and carry on surfing as normal. If you want to test your line, leave it logged on to the BT exchange overnight with your PC also left on, no need to leave a browser open just the connection.

When you get up in the morning the connection should still be live, if not you have a problem between your PC and the exchange. If your certain that all your connections from your PC through your modem/router are correct, then the fault lies between the master socket and the exchange.

Keep a screenshot and printout of the results and present these to your ISP or BT wholesale if they get involved.

  [DELETED] 00:47 17 Feb 2006

Thanks Chegs ®™ so im not going bonkers

something similar can be found here

click here

im trawling through the web now....

  Graham ® 09:29 17 Feb 2006

I have a note of this from a test I did at my ISP's request: username '[email protected]_domain', password 'password'.

  Graham ® 09:31 17 Feb 2006

This just checks the connection to the exchange. If this is OK, the problem lies with the ISP's onward routeing.

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