Broadband via telephone extension cable?

  roclive1 14:45 28 Jun 2008

I'll be signing up for broadband soon with 'Tiscali', who provide a wireless router. As my computer is one floor up from the phone wall socket, will it be suitable to run it off a telephone extension cable as I'm doing now with dial-up?

Any advice much appreciated


  Technotiger 14:49 28 Jun 2008

Yes, it should still work ok. Just make sure you have a ADSL filter coming from the socket, and also on any other phones you might have anywhere in your home.

  spuds 15:21 28 Jun 2008

You will most likely receive a wireless Siemens Gigaset SE587 WLAN dsl, which is the type that I recently obtained from Tiscali. Its very simple to set up and so far mine is working very good. Check that you have the latest firmware installed, if you have any problems.

Regarding the extension cable, there should be no great problems. I have internal cabling throughout the house, with extra room sockets, but due to problems of low speeds and disconnections after 5pm (thats another story and before router supplied), Tiscali and BT became involved. BT have provided me with a direct broadband link from master socket to computer, via a 30'/45' extension cable.

  Sea Urchin 15:23 28 Jun 2008

Although presumably you could also run it "wirelessly" from the downstairs socket if you wanted.

  pk46 16:39 28 Jun 2008

I would read the forums about Tiscali.

  FatboySlim71 17:34 28 Jun 2008

I know of 3 people who had telephone extensions running off of the master socket and they could not get an ADSL signal (broadband) on their modem.

I would advise that if you don't want to go wirelessly (which personally I didn't), then it may be a better idea to place your modem/router next to your master socket and to run an Ethernet cable from it upstairs to your computer. I done exactly the same on my PC has I have my PC in a bedroom upstairs from the master socket.

Also, it is not advisable to have any telephone extension of more than 10 meters for broadband (I can remember reading this somewhere), whereas with a network cable (Ethernet cable) the length doesn't matter.

To get the best out of your connection you simply cannot beat having your modem/router plugged directly into your master socket.

Below is the link to the network cable (Ethernet cable) I got.

click here

  daba 22:00 28 Jun 2008

I'm going to step in and disagree with anyone who says telephone extension cables cannot or should not be used with broadband in the home (or anywhere else).

Adding an extra 10 or 15 metres of cable to a system that has run several hundred metres from the exchange to your house is like dropping a pebble in a lake - little to no effect. In fact the broadband signals will be travelling all the extension wiring in the house anyway - why is it so wrong to put the modem at the end of one of them ?

Where people do get problems is usually because of poor contacts in the plugs and sockets of these extensions, and remember, you are only adding one more connection when using an extension cable.

My advice - pay a little bit more for the extension cable, hopefully the contact material in the plugs/sockets will be up to the job. A little squirt of WD40 into the socket contact area won't hurt, together with repetitive plugging/unplugging a few times to clean the contact area.

The electrical contact system used for broadband and telephones is very similar, just sprung fingers that are displaced as the plug enters, and has been in use in millions of homes for many years. Although simple, they are robust, have an element of being self-cleaning (if taken out and replaced a few times), and indeed it's the same contact technology used for Ethernet connections, although these are generally gold plated.

Also Technotiger said :- ".... make sure you have a ADSL filter coming from the socket, and also on any other phones you might have anywhere in your home."

I'd like to clarify that with ---- You don't need a filter to feed the extension cable to the modem. If you do hook it up with a filter, the modem will not work, as the telephone socket on the filter has the broadband signals filtered down so as not to be "heard" on, or disturb signals on other devices. Filters are for phones, faxes, sky etc., NOT for the broadband modem, this needs a "clear run" to the master socket.

  Technotiger 22:08 28 Jun 2008

Also Technotiger said :- ".... make sure you have a ADSL filter coming from the socket, and also on any other phones you might have anywhere in your home."

To clarify further ... if you have only one telephone socket and have a telephone connected to it - you do need a ADSL filter, one side for the telephone the other side (of the filter) to the router.

  Technotiger 22:10 28 Jun 2008

PS - I have four telephones each in different rooms, plus my router in one of the rooms - all coming from just one main telephone socket, using long extension cables.

  Grey Goo 22:33 28 Jun 2008

Got my Voyager on an extension, currently getting over 6 megs from a possible 6.5.

  Stuartli 23:08 28 Jun 2008


click here

It's been Tiscali's advice for several years.

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