Broadband and telephone

  Severn Bore 17:35 28 Jul 2007

Here in Gloucester several people I know have lost their telephone service, presumably as a result of the floods. However, at the same time they are still able to access the Internet via their broadband connection (not dial up). I am wondering if anyone can explain how this can be as both the broadband signal and telephone service are both supplied via the same BT line?

  Strawballs 17:49 28 Jul 2007

I don't know why but a friend of mine had trouble with his BT line a while ago he said his broadband still worked fine but his phone stopped working and that was not due to flood.

  Minkey1 17:55 28 Jul 2007

I wonder if the telephony and data start off from different bits of kit to start with, even though it's the same exchange and ultimately go down the same copper wire ?

If the wire to the house goes in from a telephone pole, and the phone gubbins in the exchange was at floor level, and affected, that would explain it ? I'm clutching at straws really. That's not meant to be a joke. I feel sorry for the folks down south. Awful experience.

We had a "touring England" holiday recently, setting off from Yorkshire on the day it all kicked off, so we left it behind. Some rainy days down south but otherwise OK. Lots of the places we visited have been hit since of course.

As a retired insurance chappie, I can say with the best will in the world - it's not days, or weeks - it's months before the folk affected are back to normal. The muck floating around means plaster hacking back, floors up, joists treated/replaced - awful.

Hopefully the phone service will be quicker. Relying on a mobile to sort everything out would be no fun at all, and costly.

  postie24 17:56 28 Jul 2007

I think its because ADSL splits your line in to two,one for data (internet access) the other for voice calls

  Clapton is God 18:56 28 Jul 2007

"I think its because ADSL splits your line in to two,one for data (internet access) the other for voice calls"

Which is absolutely correct.

It could be that your telephone provider (BT for instance) have their exchange/telephony equipment on the (flooded) ground floor and your ISP have their kit on an unaffected higher floor with no damage to the equipment

  Severn Bore 19:44 28 Jul 2007

To Postie24 and Clapton is God; that could be the answer and would suggest thst the phone line itself is not affected, but just the connections at the exchange end.
To Minkey1; thanks for the commisserations. Fortunately my home is not flooded (we are just one of the 130,000 households without running water) but a friend's was flooded to a depth of 4 feet. Her insurance assessor siad the house would need exactly what you described and that she has to move out for 6 months! The insurance company (Halifax I believe)has in fact been very understanding and helpful.

  CurlyWhirly 21:14 28 Jul 2007

Apparently the reason is because the telephone needs both wires to complete the circuit where as ADSL can manage with only one wire but the downstream speeds are affected quite badly - see click here=

  woodchip 22:19 28 Jul 2007

I think a lot hear are clutching at Straws, and doing a lot of guessing. As if equipment is under water it will not work. I do not profess to know. So will leave it to the guesses

  john bunyan 22:41 28 Jul 2007

I had a line fault with no normal phone working but broadband ok. Luckily I also have a Vonage broadband phone and that worked ok even though the bt line was out.

  Graham. 23:05 28 Jul 2007

In the exchange, your line goes to both the phone equipment and the broadband equipment - think of it as a 'Y' splitter.

The phone equipment may have been disconnected temporarily due to the volume of line faults caused by the floods. I'm sure BT will have a dedicated team working to restore phone service to unaffected lines.

  Severn Bore 11:34 29 Jul 2007

Thanks to everyone who responded.

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