Broadband Switching Itself Off

  Bingalau 12:32 07 Aug 2006

I've noticed that since my broadband has been upgraded to (up to 8mb) the higher speed is actually about 3.6mb. When my wife answers the telephone elsewhere in the house, or makes a call. My connection cuts out. Can anyone give me a cure for this please? I have tried all the phone connections and other connections also by taking them out and re-connecting but it makes no difference. I can reconnect after the other phone is put down with no problem, but it will not reconnect whilst the phone line is being used. I am on Windows XP2 and my ISP is Virgin net. Could it be that my house phone lines need upgrading? ..Bingalau..

  FelixTCat 14:14 07 Aug 2006


Please check that you have a microfilter at every telephone socket in use, including Sky boxes, fax machines etc



  Bingalau 14:50 07 Aug 2006

Felix.. Yes I have done that, just in case one had worked loose, but they are as they should be. The only change has been the upgrade to the higher speed.

  FelixTCat 15:41 07 Aug 2006


OK, that's good. When I changed over to Max, I found all sorts of problems; on investigation, it appeared that one of my microfilters had worked fine on a 1 Mbit connection wasn't up to a Max connection.

If you carefully take off the cover of your master phone socket you will find what is called the test socket - using it by-passes all your internal wiring.

Using each microfilter in turn, connect your adsl modem to the test socket and check the synch speed (the downstream rate reported by your modem). If one rate is different from all the others, that microfilter is defective.



  Bingalau 17:15 07 Aug 2006

FelixTCat .. As my master phone socket is up in the loft somewhere, if I remember rightly. I may have to skip that and get someone else in to try it, or even maybe renew the wiring. Last time I was up there it all looked a bit of a mess to me. Like Spaghetti Junction. Thanks for the information though. Maybe I will try replacing the individual microfilters one at a time and see what happens. Maybe buy a new set and replace them all. Any ideas as to the best place to obtain them? ..Bingalau..

  FelixTCat 17:29 07 Aug 2006


I'd be surprised if it is in the loft - BT don't normally put their sockets in places like that. Before you give up, maybe run one long lead from there to your modem - better than nothing.

No real recommendations - my original ones were Dabs cheapies; one is still fine, one isn't. Suppliers like BT tend to be expensive, but at least theirs SHOULD work.



  Bingalau 17:55 07 Aug 2006

FelixTCat . . I am afraid that it is in the loft as I live in a bungalow. From up there it winds its weary way into the various rooms below. My instinct tells me there is a good chance it is one of the microfilters though. So I will get replacements for them. When one of my younger relatives next visits, I will get them to check as you describe up in the loft. Meanwhile I have marked this thread as resolved, but I will let you know how things go in a couple of days time... Many thanks again for your efforts. ..Bingalau..

  SpookTheBlackCat 18:09 07 Aug 2006

Bingalau. I know from experience that BT already know about this problem. Apparently it is associated with the hardware in the telephone exchange, and nothing to do with your line. The common solution for customers who complain is to offer to change back to the 2Mb service .......I believe they are working on a more acceptable solution.

  Bingalau 21:31 07 Aug 2006

SpookTheBlackCat . Thanks for that bit of information, I wonder if Virgin my ISP know about that? I will leave it and see what transpires because at the moment it is just a minor worry. ("SpookTheBlackCat" Where on earth did you get that name from?) ..Bingalau..

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