Broadband suppliers

  loopyloo 17:05 01 Nov 2004

I am changing from NTL broadband to using a BT line for broadband and want some help in chosing a broadband provider. I don't want to pay the earth but I want a really good supplier. I was going to try Tesco broadband but have read that it is not very good. I would prefer a supplier with no limits as I don't understamd how you work out the suppliers who have download limits.

  pj123 18:06 01 Nov 2004

Well NTL has no limits and so does AOL.

click here for more options.

To see what the limits mean try click here and click on the "What does this mean" link.

  Hazzar 20:44 01 Nov 2004

I have been using Pipex for over a year now and
have no complaints,only praise.
Cost approx. £23.33/month with no limits.

  Carpigiani 20:49 01 Nov 2004

Force 9 charging £21.99 for unlimited connection. Been with them now for nearly 2 years. Very good.

  Noelg23 22:29 01 Nov 2004

Central Point do a 512K for only £18.99 a month and its a 3 month contract and ongoing after that, but if you really want you can get a 1Mb connection for only £25.99 and yes it unlimited usage. click here I can guarantee you wont find a cheaper provider...

  woodt 22:32 01 Nov 2004

For a list of available BB suppliers and to compare prices/service etc look here click here

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