Broadband Suppliers

  Mastermind 14:34 01 Aug 2003

I'm thinking of getting broadband. Can anyone recommend any suppliers?

  byfordr 14:49 01 Aug 2003

I am looking at getting broadband as well. I've found click here
seems cheap, anyone had any experience?

  Webmaster 14:57 01 Aug 2003

click here are host to a good and informative portal on ADSL use and suppliers. They regularly top Zen Interent as being the best which, with other advice on this forum, is why I just went with them last week. Zen promptly said I would be activated today (Friday) after I applied last Friday, however to my surprise, I was activated last Monday!

I would therefore strongly recommend Zen, and to get to their home click here.

  Djohn 15:57 01 Aug 2003

As Webmaster says, ZEN are highly recommended and are very quick to activate account and provide modem, very hard to find a bad word about them, even in their own forums.

I was going with them, but last week I phoned AOL to cancel my dial-up account,they made me an offer I couldn't refuse :o( this morning Modem arrived and 6 minutes later, I was B/B :o)

  Webmaster 19:40 01 Aug 2003

Ahh, but AOL offer good deals for long lasting customers of theirs so it is understood. :-/ I can understand why you got such a good deal if you're an existing customer. Have fun with BB!

  dipsy 23:51 01 Aug 2003

I've recently been with Virgin who offer a very good service, good speeds etc. They do well in the comparisons click here. They are currently offering free connection which is worth considering and you are only tied to a 1 month contract.
I only left them because I am a fairly light user and found I would save approx. £10 a month going with click here

  billyliv 07:47 02 Aug 2003

Hi, If you can get NTL cable in your area that is the best bet. Cheers, Bill

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:12 02 Aug 2003

Apart from cable suppliers, all broadband in the UK goes through BT, so the quality/speed is the same, no matter who you choose. Some may want good support but to be truthful there will be little need for any support as BB is more stable than dial-up.

Should you go with a cheaper supplier, one with a monthly contract may be best, just in case they go down the pan as many of the cheaper suppliers balance sheets look rather iffy at the moment. If you only surf and send emails you will not notice much difference in speed, so a 128 connection may be cheaper and better or stick with dial-up. If you are a download fiend or FTP maniac then you will need 512 minimum.


  BillEmm 13:12 02 Aug 2003

it is true, is very dependant on line conditions but it is also very dependant on the servers used by the ISP, the number available and the physical location of them.

If you are a gamer it is no use having servers in the USA for example - or over on the European mainland.

Routing is also important and how the server software handles this aspect.

I can quote quite different speed figures and ping values from two adjacent households that use different ISPs. The time of the tests are the same and the speed checks are done on the ADSLGuide speed checker in both cases.

There is no single 'best' ISP. It all comes down to where you live really and what you want from BB. My advice is to get some information about performance of the various ISPs in your local area.


  bubbles2 13:28 02 Aug 2003

As a long term AOL dial up customer I have just ordered BB from them but am now considering cancelling my order and trying to get one of these deals mentioned above.Will this be worthwile - what kind of incentives are being offered to long term aol customers.

  iashem 13:49 02 Aug 2003

goto click here this will give you all the necessary information you need

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