Broadband supplier and a bit of info

  Thomo1 00:12 03 Dec 2004

Hey there

im currently using freeserve anytime on dial-up. dreadfully slow.
I want to upgrade to BB, and am thinking just to upgrade to wanadoo BB.

Could i have some feedback from you guys plz on BB suppliers and recommendations and the ones to stay away from.

Alos is BB safer from all the nasties out there. (diallers, trojans etc etc??)


  TomJerry 00:21 03 Dec 2004

safe for dialler, but other nasties will take less time to reach you, but a anti-virus (you can get free one), a firewall (again you can get free), and regular spyware sweeper (again you can get free) will keep you safe

  dagwoood 00:21 03 Dec 2004

Thomo1, this is a good site to compare broadband suppliers click here

As to whether it's safer, your safe from dialers as these only work over a dial up connection, but as to other types of threats, it doesn't really matter what type of connection you have, there's always some idiot out there who wants to create havoc/problems.

HTH, dagwoood.

P.S.Broadband makes the internet a much more enjoyable place to spend your time, and the difference to being on dial-up is huge.

  Thomo1 00:32 03 Dec 2004


are there bb providers out there where there is no contract then??

My gaffer has just brought BT YAHOO and says its good!??

  TomJerry 00:38 03 Dec 2004

the current favour is talktalk (provided by carphonewarehouse), £19.99, no download limit, 512k (Wanadoo, 1M, twice as faster, but has download limit).

Another monthly contrct is Teaco, £19.97, 512k, n limit, but the demand is huge and tesco cannot cope with it now.

  Thomo1 13:38 03 Dec 2004

anybody else with a verdict/advise/recommendation please???

  pj123 13:46 03 Dec 2004

Virgin has no contract and Metronet (which is a PAYG BB provider) has a 3 month contract.

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