Broadband - suitable Firewall?

  Richardx 23:20 11 Nov 2004

I'm moving to broadband this weekend. At present I use the free Zonealarm firewall. It is has been suggested that this will not be suitable and I will need to upgrade or move to another make. Can anyone comment on this please?

(I using XP Pro but haven't loaded SP2 yet, although I'm aware that the firewall in that isn't too brilliant.)


  crocodile36 23:28 11 Nov 2004

Sygate Personal Firewall works OK for me, though I don't believe that there is anything wrong with ZoneAlarm. The change to broadband simply means that you are likely to be connected for longer, so a firewall is even more important. The nasties though, are the same and don't change with a change of internet connection

  Cook2 00:08 12 Nov 2004

I've used both Zonealarm and Sygate Personal Firewall and edged towards Sygate. I don't think there's a lot in them but to have one, especially when on Broadband' is better than none.

  wags 00:22 12 Nov 2004

The free version of Zonealarm is fine for your needs. No need to change.

  dagwoood 01:44 12 Nov 2004

Agree with all of the above in that ZoneAlarm is fine for broadband.

I've used Zone Alarm, Sygate and I'm currently trying Kerio, and they all have there merits. The important thing is that you have one if you have a broadband connection. Also, make sure your anti-virus definitions are up to date and you have all the microsoft critical updates installed(I'd think about installing SP2).

If you haven't got a problem with Zone Alarm, I'd stick with what you know/like.


  Richardx 21:39 12 Nov 2004

Thanks for your responses.

BB is up and running fine. I'll stick with the free zonealarm. For anti-virus I've got up-to-date free AVG. Also running Spybot and Spyware Blaster. I'll be sorting out SP2 next week!



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