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Broadband speeds

  Yimbo 17:07 09 Jul 2009

I've noticed very considerable slow down of my internet speeds - about 1 minute to access a web page - - BBCiplayer, You Tube etc - about 15 - 30 minutes before a program or clip will play. I did a Broadband speed test and got 0.12Mbps downloead and 0.35Mbps upload. My Broadband supplier tells me I should be getting "up to 8Mbps", with no problems at his end. He also did a test and came up with similarly dismal speeds.
Any suggestions as to what might be slowing things so badly? It all worked fine till about a fornight ago!

  Yimbo 00:12 16 Jul 2009

Haven't tried turning off router for that long - only 30secs. Will try - - and see! Maybe my ISP (Supanet) isn't up to scratch! I've been with them for donkeys years - but they never seem to rate all that well in comparison tests.

  RobCharles1981 00:15 16 Jul 2009


Can you post your line stats please?

  Yimbo 14:45 19 Jul 2009

My line stats are Data Rate 1184kbps Downstream, 448kbps Upstream; Noise Margin 8 Down, 12 Up; Output Power(dBm) 124 Down, 180 Up; Attenuation 63 Down, 31 up.

I'm not all that sure just how to interpret this info - but my streaming capability is now back to normal. I don't know what I did - or even if I did anything - but the results seem OK.

  Yimbo 00:29 21 Jul 2009

I appreciate all your comments, advice and help! Thaanks folks!

  RobCharles1981 10:56 21 Jul 2009

Looking for them stats your on a fixed 2 Meg Service the upstream indicates so at 448kps Down But it seems to me from your Down Stream they have caped you.

With a 63 Downstream not much to look at around 3 meg or so.

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