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Broadband speeds

  Yimbo 17:07 09 Jul 2009

I've noticed very considerable slow down of my internet speeds - about 1 minute to access a web page - - BBCiplayer, You Tube etc - about 15 - 30 minutes before a program or clip will play. I did a Broadband speed test and got 0.12Mbps downloead and 0.35Mbps upload. My Broadband supplier tells me I should be getting "up to 8Mbps", with no problems at his end. He also did a test and came up with similarly dismal speeds.
Any suggestions as to what might be slowing things so badly? It all worked fine till about a fornight ago!

  rawprawn 17:16 09 Jul 2009

Problem at your local exchange? your ISP should be able to find out why your speed is so dismal

  Technotiger 17:29 09 Jul 2009

Have you tried re-setting your modem? Disconnect it from the mains, wait ten seconds, then re-connect it.

  howard64 17:43 09 Jul 2009

this could be a faulty microfilter. Change it for another one. If this does no good could you at least temporarily plug your pc into the master socket? If you have a modern 2 piece master socket you need to remove the bottom section to disconnect all your extensions etc. to get to the actual master socket. Test your speed when in the master if it increases you probably have a fault on your extension wiring.

  RobCharles1981 18:16 09 Jul 2009


Who is your isp out of interest? Can you post your full line stats??

  manrow 20:21 09 Jul 2009


Read on the following thread of my experiences with BT cap!

click here

  woodchip 22:07 09 Jul 2009

As Technotiger above

  Yimbo 12:41 15 Jul 2009

Sorry for the delay in responding to your posts - I've been away for a few days! I've tried all your suggestions - re mosdem, filters etc - a slight improvement, but nothing great! RobTheOrganGuru - where do I find my "full line stats"? My ISP is Supanet. They want to get BT to check out my line - at a cost, of course!

  Yimbo 13:48 15 Jul 2009

provider 2 - A great site - I've got my line stats, and I'm currently working through the "improving your speed" section!

TIMBO - Didn't realise this! Thanks and I'll contact ISP accordingly.

  woodchip 15:32 15 Jul 2009

Did you try turning the Rout off for five minutes at the back of the router? then turn it back on and test it click here checked my connection using Flock Browser Win98se 2 miles from exchange
Download 6989kbps
upload 722kbps

  woodchip 15:33 15 Jul 2009

PS on a TalkTalk 8Meg connection

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