broadband speed/router configuration

  celticdragon 23:35 28 Jun 2007

Hi Folks, I've just connected my new Creative broadband blaster modem via ethernet cable to my Vista computer. Previous to this I was using a Speedtouch usb modem.
With the old modem i was getting daytime download speeds of 250kbs-500kbs. This is with an up to 8 meg line. After 11 p.m i was getting speeds of between 2000kps to 60000kbs with the Speedtouch.
Now with the new Creative router i'm getting a stable speed of 950kbs download speeds all day. How do I get this speed up to nearer the 8 meg with this new router? I'm assuming its not my telephone lines fault as i was getting up to 6 meg at night with the old modem! Any help much appreciated.

  ambra4 02:41 29 Jun 2007

Have you update the firmware to see if that helps

  celticdragon 02:48 29 Jun 2007

unfortunately the firmware updates have stopped, since this model has been dicontinued by Creative.

  ambra4 17:26 29 Jun 2007


I would just go back to the speed touch modem

And forget the Creative

  celticdragon 02:03 01 Jul 2007

ok, I managed to get a firmware update but still got the same speeds. Any other suggestions please?

  ambra4 14:34 01 Jul 2007

What model No is the Creative broadband blaster modem

I would need to download the manual and look at the configuring setting

  celticdragon 16:22 01 Jul 2007

Thanks ambra4, the model number is 8133U-C1.

  ambra4 17:33 01 Jul 2007

Downloaded the manual but can not see any changes that would help

But I will look around and get back to you

For now go back to the use the Creative during the day and the speed touch at night until you find a fix

Set up both modem side by side and just change the phone cable and Ethernet cable a pain in the >@LML>

If you want the higher speed during the day you have no choice

  celticdragon 17:43 01 Jul 2007

ok, thanks for researching that, much appreciated ambra4.

  ambra4 03:23 05 Jul 2007


I have search the Internet not too much on the Creative broadband modem that could help

Also Creative has stop selling broadband modems & only selling a wireless adapter

Sorry I could not be any more help on you problem but a stable speed of 950kbs download speeds all day is more than most people get even at 3am. At present where I am if I get
150-250kbs during the day I am happy

If you at a later date want to upgrade check out this site.

click here

Which cover a wide range of products & the one that I order equipment from

Netgear brand seem to be the most popular in the UK

I personal prefer 3Com or D-Link equipment, which give me a wider choice in setting up large wired and wireless systems worldwide

The 3Com router that I personal use, but you must have a 108Mbps adapter installed on the other equipment to get that wireless transfer rate

All other wireless adapter would only connect at 54Mbps transfer rate.

click here

3Com Office Connect Wireless 108Mbps USB Adapter
click here

Some may say the price is high and you could get equipment a lot cheaper, I agree but do you want to be buying modems, routers, hubs, switches, etc every year, or equipment that sit in the corner and works.

Never had any problems with 3Com or D-Link it just work and I have installed them in countries that have some very bad broadband line.

All the best for now

  celticdragon 14:47 05 Jul 2007

Thanks for all the advice ambra4, I think I'll end up buying a new router but this Creative one will have to do temporarily.
I've stayed away from wireless routers up till now as I only have a single computer at home.Plus I wanted to use ethernet connections rather that usb to save on resources. Having said that I think the evolution in tech development may force my hand in to going wireless eventually!
Thanks again ambra4.

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