Broadband speed with wireless network

  peabody 22:00 26 Jul 2005

I hope this is not too daft a question! I have recently upgraded from 500mbps broadband to the 1000 mbps service. It occurs to me that I am accessing the internet via a wireless network that runs at a maximum of 54mbps. So am I wasting most of the service I pay for? If I use an ethernet connection, would that be more efficient?

  dan11 22:13 26 Jul 2005

No it's not a daft question. I sometimes get confused over it. ;-)

I think you have slightly mixed up your figures. You probably mean you have upgraded from 512Kbps to 1000Kbps ( 1Mb). Unfortunately no one has a broadband connection of 500Mbps or 1000Mbps, yet.:-)

So you have probably gone from 1/2 a meg to 1 meg. The 54Mb of the wireless connection suggests you have "g" standard, a very fast standard and will be fine with 1 meg broadband.

It can sometimes be very difficult differentiating between kbp and mbps and setting the maximum transfer rates of lan and wifi cards, makes a complicated situation even worse.

  selfbuild 22:15 26 Jul 2005

Unfortunatly you can't get a 500MB connection in the UK..... 2MB is the max at moment although 8MB will be possible in the future.

So don't worry about your wireless connection.... it's good for a few years yet.....

  peabody 22:42 26 Jul 2005

I might have known it was me reading the script wrongly! Thanks for your help.

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