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Broadband speed variances between Win 7 & Vista

  iscanut 20:46 14 Aug 2015

A friend has asked for help with his speed problems. He is on Fibre Infinity and has 2 laptops, one running Windows 7 and the other Vista. The difference in speeds between the two machines is considerable. I do not know why. Should he expect the 2 laptops to be the same or is Vista that much slower ? His results are Vista wired download 9.4 Mbps, wireless 7.93 Mbps. Win 7 wired download 65 Mbps, wireless 43 Mbps.

The Win 7 results are what he had expected, but the Vista machine results are very different. Can anyone explain why or is this what he should expect. If the results should be similar, what can he do ? He has also tried a new cable, but still similar results. IP is BT and he has a version 3 Hub router. Thanks.

  iscanut 10:36 15 Aug 2015

Thanks for that, will investigate.

  iscanut 11:29 19 Aug 2015

Belarc and Specy do not show what standard the card might be. I suppose the router set up might be of some help which I will have a look at. Will close the post now, but if I manage to sort it out, I will post back.

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