Broadband Speed Problems

  mattr1979 17:42 25 Apr 2008


I am with AOL on an 8mb connection package. Have been with them for a couple of years with few problems. I upgraded my subscription with them again in Jan as they lured me in with the free PS3 offer and reduced monthly fee. Little did i know that they have now put a 40GB limit on me whereas before it was unlimited. Anyway, i dont think the limit should really affect me as i only download the odd song here and there and i dont think i should ever exceed the limit.

My connection speed is fairly constant at around 48.0mbps / 54.0mbps - i assume the connection speed is determined by how far away from the local exchange? Could be wrong, but i'm sure thats how it was once explained to me.

Now to the problem - my download speed is incredibly slow. I performed a speed check with the results below -

134kbps download speed
328kbps upload speed

I'm not an expect on broadband speeds or test figures etc but those results seem to be pretty poor to me. Should the upload speed really be higher than download???

I've checked the results at differant times of the day and its always the same, certainly on the download speed.

Typically the speed has been fine in the past, but it just seems to slow down for a couple of weeks every month and i have no idea why and this has only realy started since Jan.

I've contacted AOL as i was afraid that i may have somehow exceeded my download limit, they said there was not a problem and i should check with BT for any faults on my line.

I've checked with my local exchange (ringway) and there are no faults there. I will check with BT soon to establish if they are at fault but after that i am out of ideas.

If anyone could offer some advice it will be greatly appreciated.

  mattr1979 21:11 25 Apr 2008

Not sure if i've posted in the right forum but any help would be appreciated.

  mattr1979 00:30 26 Apr 2008

I've sorted it.

Turned my router off and then on again and my download speed has now shot up from 134kbps to 4083kbps. Jobs a good un.

Not sure to the reason for this, it still baffles me but at least its solved the problem, for now anyway.

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