Broadband speed is not what I expected

  Pappyon 14:41 25 Sep 2003

Can anybody tell me if I can test my broadband speed, so that I will have something to go on and when I complain to my ISP and they will not realise that I am a complete numpty, and baffle me with science, or blame leaves on the line or something.

Please keep it simple. As you can probably gather I am not very sharp.

I downloaded and run a broadband test, but it could be in Russian for all it means to me!

  yonex24562 14:44 25 Sep 2003

If you click here and try the test you will get download and upload speeds. It also rates your ISP if they are on their list,hope this helps. Cheers

  Seicento 14:53 25 Sep 2003

If you have a look at this page click here it will explain how you can tweak your connection, and possibly increase your speed.

  Pappyon 15:21 25 Sep 2003

Thank you for the fast response. Wish my broadband speed was as good

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