Broadband speed information needed

  will123 18:20 20 Jan 2009

Another broadband question, i just checked my internet speed and its coming in at less than 1mb, pretty poor speed really. I was just wondering would other ISPs be able to offer me a better speed or is this purely based on where you live and how far from the exchange you are?


  amonra 18:26 20 Jan 2009

The most important factor that governs what speed you can connect at is how far you are from your exchange. Many other factors are involved, but basically it's line attenuation.
Just guesswork, but if you have less than 1Mb then you are approx 3 miles out.

  will123 18:28 20 Jan 2009

in which case switching my ISP wont make any difference to the speed of my broadband?

  anniesboy 18:30 20 Jan 2009

amonra, your "guess",is correct for mine 2.5 miles to the exchange I get 1mb.

  MAJ 18:31 20 Jan 2009

Tiscali can seriously effect your speed as well, who is your ISP will123? As amonra says, distance from the exchange is a major factor, your line quality, time of day and how many users are on the same card as you in the exchange (contention ratio).

  will123 18:38 20 Jan 2009

My ISP at the moment is BT

  RobCharles1981 18:45 20 Jan 2009

As amonfra said the Line Attenuation is the most important factor of speed, something is obviously wrong with the speed there.

Can you post your full line stats?

What other services can you get at your exchange?

click here

  brundle 18:47 20 Jan 2009

It depends if you're on cable or ADSL - with ADSL distance is the main factor, for cable number of users sharing the same physical cable, distance is not an issue to any appreciable degree.

  will123 18:50 20 Jan 2009

this is the results from speedtest,
click here

and other options for me are
BT Wholesale ADSL
BT Wholesale ADSL Max
O2 / Be LLU
Bulldog LLU
TalkTalk (CPW) LLU
Sky Broadband / Easynet LLU
Tiscali LLU
Tiscali TV (via Tiscali LLU)
Orange LLU (Formerly Wanadoo)

  oldbeefer2 19:13 20 Jan 2009

That's when my speed is at it's lowest - kids in the neighbourhood downloading videos I expect!

  Technotiger 19:57 20 Jan 2009

If you have a BT HomeHub Version 1.0 or even Version 1.5, you could improve your speed regardless of distance, by asking BT to supply you with Version 2 (the black curved one).

I recently did just that, I was using a Version 1.5.
Old speed was 2624kbs Down, Profile 2000 and IP 1875.

Now with Version 2.0 getting 5312 Down, Profile 4000 and IP 3734.

I am on a 2Mb Pkt, mainly because of distance from the exchange. (although they say 'Up-to 8Mb).

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