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BroadBand Speed dropped

  woodchip 11:20 29 Oct 2013

This is since getting a TalkTalk youview + box and new Modem. First I got a new n Modem from TT then went for half price Box including anytime calls. Before the new Modem I was using a old 3Com g router the speed had gradually improved with this from round about 7meg though I was am on 8meg after the new Upgraded N Modem speed went up to 12 to 13meg upload was about 870kbps and is now down to round about 710kbps download is down to just under 7meg

What to do????

  woodchip 11:22 29 Oct 2013

PS wondering what it will be before the youview box starts to stutter

  spuds 11:55 29 Oct 2013

Have you taken this up with TalkTalk, because according to Ofcom, all ISP's should not provide a more realistic confirmation of speed, than the previous 'upto' let out clause.

Perhaps a good idea to try speed tests at different times of the day for comparisons, using TalkTalk own speed-tester, which reports direct back to TalkTalk technical support.

  woodchip 14:04 29 Oct 2013

Tried all except TalkTalk as yet, including rebooting Router.

TalkTalk Speed test is same as Broadband Max all at different times of day.

  spuds 15:17 29 Oct 2013

The TalkTalk speed-tester 'submits' the results direct to TalkTalk and BT technical services for possible faults.

When I had major speed and sudden disconnection problems, I used the TT speed test, plus that TalkTalk wanted to use. There was also a number of other checks that I had to make on a regular basis, and submit a report direct to TT Technical Services daily, over a month. One was a 'ping' type test, which I think was done via the TT router (admin/admin), and that gave a whole lot of information to TalkTalk.

Initially TalkTalk could not find a problem with my line, and strongly suggested that the problem of speed was of my making. Doing the above, proved how wrong TT was, and it cost them quite a bit of time and money to help resolve the problem. Both TT and BT were involved throughout, and it all boiled down to the infrastructure and failing equipment.

  woodchip 17:43 30 Oct 2013

Contacted Via E-Mail will see if anything comes from it thanks for the help so far

  bumpkin 21:25 30 Oct 2013

Best to phone if you have the patience and can understand them 0870 444 1820. They will do a line check.

  spuds 10:08 31 Oct 2013


On the number of occasions I have contacted TalkTalk, and they have (supposedly) undertaken a line check, I have never yet had the response that the line was faulty. Always appears to be the customer side at fault.

That is until you go to an higher level of support, and then faults are actually found?.

A typical example, was unbeknown to me, when using the telephone. I was able to phone out, yet people informed me that they were unable to phone me (broadband seemed uneffected?). TalkTalk did a check, and stated "nothing wrong". So I requested a simple combined check. Using a mobile phone connection, they phoned in on the landline and reported "nothing wrong", I asked if anyone had picked the phone up at my end when they were ringing in. They said "no", and from that little test, it was deduced that no phone calls were incoming. The matter was then reported to BT Openreach for correction. Later that day, I had a incoming phone call from a BT engineer, telling me a fault was there, and it had now been corrected. I estimated my landline phone had been off for about a week, before I actually knew?.

Further to the above, I notice that BT OpenReach came in for some stick yesterday evening on the BBC Watchdog programme. Apparently a number of ISP's are complaining to Ofcom about BT's actions in dealing with service failures, which are resulting in people with no services, some over long periods of time. The customer's are holding their ISP's responsible for poor services, yet the ISP's are saying their hands are tied because of BT's actions?.

  woodchip 14:25 31 Oct 2013

Phoning Help line is no good to me and last resort, as I am 77 and two hearing aids. So listening to Indians Jabbering on is a no no, I think they just read from Scripts, They certainly do not listen when I say anything to them

  bumpkin 15:47 31 Oct 2013

woodchip, good or bad hearing does not matter as you will no be able to understand them anyway nor will they listen to anything you have to say. I have called them twice regarding issues nothing to do with the line. On both occassions their answer was to do a line check, they did call me back to inform me that the line was Ok which I had told them in the first place.Now there's customer service for you. A bit like taking your car in for a new windscreen and they check the brakes instead. It seems that they will do a line test whatever you call about which was my reason for suggesting it but I can easily understand your reluctance.

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