Broadband Speed Delivery

  Legslip 15:03 23 Nov 2011

My friend has Talk Talk BBand for her sins. When she log on to the net, the delivery seems to come in fits and starts. She can click on a link via Google and watch nothing happen for 20 - 30 seconds then it has a burst of delivery and stops again.

Overall, it is in time of delivery, not much quicker than a 56k modem.

Is this normal or is there something to chase up with Talk Talk?

  john bunyan 15:39 23 Nov 2011

I suggest yo go to : And make a note of the result. Then contact your ISP by phone if the result is low. For example I am on a "Up to 8Mbps" contract with Talk Talk. A couple of months ago I was getting about 5.5 - 6 Mbps. It suddenly dropped to below 1Mbps. It turned out to be a fault at the local exchange to do with LLU. I am now getting 9.5 - 10 Mbps - not bad against a 8Mbps contract. Do have your phone line and connections checked. What speed is your friend signed up for?

  spuds 17:08 23 Nov 2011

Sounds like an exchange problem. If it persists inform TalkTalk, they may want some test results before contacting BT.

I would also suggest that different browsers are tried, and see if the problem remains the same.

  Legslip 20:16 23 Nov 2011

Thanks people. I will try your suggestions over the weekend and report developments.

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