Broadband speed check

  Chris Webster 21:37 13 Jul 2005

I know this question must have been asked times before but is there a site where i can check my BB download/upload speed?

Cheers, Chris.

  big bloke66 21:43 13 Jul 2005
  Dipso 21:48 13 Jul 2005
  big bloke66 21:48 13 Jul 2005

sorry i messed that link up.

  big bloke66 21:52 13 Jul 2005

one last try.

click here

  Chris Webster 21:54 13 Jul 2005

Many thanks.

Cheers, Chris.

  Stuartli 21:58 13 Jul 2005
  octal 22:34 13 Jul 2005

The resaults from big bloke66's link. I'm on 300k BB.

Download: 289,632 bps

Upload: 1,629,736 bps

QOS: 92%

RTT: 247 ms

MaxPause: 394 ms

  Mr Beeline 23:44 13 Jul 2005

or.... just try downloading something BIG (EG. the latest drivers for your graphics card). Windows will tell you the download speed as it goes and give you a total dowload time at the end. I think this is a much more accurate real world check. Only my opinion of course.

  Stuartli 09:56 14 Jul 2005

If my maths are correct your download speed will be 28.96kbps (29 near enough) on average - my best when I had dialup was five to seven kbps so that's about right on 300k BB.

  octal 10:41 14 Jul 2005

Thanks for that, yes you maths is spot on the download speed is fine, it just made me smile when I saw the upload speed, I wish :-)

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