Broadband speed

  Ex plorer 15:41 04 May 2012

Hi I am using my sons Laptop at his house where he lives according to Orange he should be getting around 5.5MB.

I have run a test and the download speed is 0.234 mb/s.

Up load is 0.594 mb/s.

This is wireless speed and hard wired.

Any Ideas what to try

  spuds 16:13 04 May 2012

Have you tried an alternative speed-test, to see if the results are the same?.

  rdave13 17:58 04 May 2012

Also try a speed test at different times of the day. If evening speeds are the lower ones then it's a contention ratio problem (too many using the same exchange connection at the same time) then complain to the ISP. Same for weekends. If it's always that low then complain to your ISP, might be a fault at the exchange. One other thing to check is to dial 1471 on your 'phone and listen carefully at the background 'noise' to see if you hear interference when the automated voice is speaking. Assuming Orange supplies BB via BT line.

  john bunyan 18:38 04 May 2012

It may be worth checking the capability of your number. Your ISP should be able to test and tell you, or you could try something like this. Line test

If it shows you should get a lot more, contact the ISP

  rdave13 18:49 04 May 2012

john bunyan, nice link but an expensive ISP!

  Zak 19:05 04 May 2012

Check out this Orange forum on thinkbroadband:

Orange (formerly Wanadoo UK)

Also I suggest your son raises the speed issue with Orange Support by phone.

Re-booting the router can solve problems.

  Ex plorer 14:11 06 May 2012

Hi Thanks all for ideas tried them all and no improvement. My son rang orange and they fitted a new modem the engineer said he couldn’t improve on the strength. The following day the engineer rang back made some alteration at there end and it shot to over 15GB. He was advised not to switch the modem off at any time even when going on holidays, also the more often he was online the higher amount of GB would be at his disposal.

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