Broadband speed

  Migwell 22:26 15 Oct 2011

I thought mt BB was running slow as it is having to keep buffering short news movie items. Today used the Talktalk speed tester and I was shocked. A reading of 1.4 meg at the computer but it also said that I had 6.4 at the route, I don't know how it works that out. That was after connecting the router to the master socket and alsoconnecting the laptop by cable to the router. I am suposed to be able to get upto 24 mbs from Talktalk, but a line test said I could only expect 6.5 mbs.

What do any of the forum members recomend I do after that? to boost speed I used to get in Excess of 4mbs.

  spuds 23:46 15 Oct 2011

The key word is 'upto', but it doesn't guarantee that you will get that, because it all depends on your line, your equipment and the exchange plus the ISP's contention ratios. Ofcom are now making it a rule, that ISP's have got to provide more correct information on the true speeds that their customers should be able to receive.

I use TalkTalk, and was getting speeds of about 1 to 1.5Mb, but with BT's and TalkTalk's help in changing various parts,I am managing a little over 5Mb now. TalkTalk speedtest states that I should receive 6.5Mb from the exchange, but a direct test by BT states maximum of 6Mb, and I am one and a half cable miles from the exchange.

Try a number of different speedtests, including the one in the link (which TT technical suggest)and see if they are compatible with each other. You could also do a ping test, mtu test and trace test to see if your are having loss breaks on the lines. Do this at various times of the day, because it can fluctuate, depending on traffic.

Broadband speeds are a complicated issue, and you can find out more from

When you have all the information to hand then take the matter up with Talk Talk, and if need be, go to higher level complaints. Your profile would need to be set and adjusted remotely by TalkTalk, if its wrong. To see your profile, check what router you are using then use the code and password, which should open a page with all the information on your router and service connection.

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