Broadband speed

  JaneAttwood 09:55 22 Mar 2010

I have tested the speed of my broadband and it says download 0.56Mb/s and upload 0.19 Mb/s.

What does this mean? Is it slow or fast?

  john bunyan 10:02 22 Mar 2010

What is your arrangement with your ISP? The speed you quote is very slow, more akin to dial up than broadband. Typically people with "Up to 8Mbps" only achieve 2 to 6Mbps downloads, depending how far you are away from the exchange, how many users are on the same "circuit", the time of day and other factors.Do let us know your ISP and contracted speeed.
I use to check the speeds.

  johnoo 11:19 22 Mar 2010

I would say that 0.56mb is very slow, I have BT Option 1 and get 3.88mb/sec
But one question, the tester says my "Ping Rate" is 26ms.
What is Ping and how does it influance performance?

  anchor 12:43 22 Mar 2010

It certainly seems a very slow download; (not too bad for upload). Have you checked your figures with different test sites and made comparison?.

You do not say what your ISP connection should be, (e.g. up to 8Mbp/s). Mine is download 5.8Mbp/s, and upload 0.24Mbp/s.

  JaneAttwood 14:00 22 Mar 2010

Tiscali 256Kbps - contract dated 2004 paying about £17 per month.

Shall i change? If so, to whom? will it be complicated?

  john bunyan 14:28 22 Mar 2010

Tiscali are now owned by Talk Talk. I persomally will not sign up for a year's contract because if you want to change they will make you pay the whole year. If I were you I would contact Tiscali to say that this old contract at .265Mbps is totally out of date, and will they, without a new contract put you on to, say, "Up to 8 Mbps". If they won't there is lots of advice here on suppliers. I am still on Pipex, another Talk Talk susidiary, and would change to Zen, which came top in the "Which" report, with a UK based office, and a rolling monthly contract. Others here will suggest cheaper solutions but only if you sign up for much longer. Do check as aboove and see what notice you need to give if you want to change.You have to request a MAC (a code) which you give to the new supplier.

  john bunyan 14:34 22 Mar 2010

Also have a look at other threads like this:
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  anchor 16:05 22 Mar 2010

£17/month for that speed is atrocious.

Speak to them, express you dissatisfaction, and say you will change ISP`s unless they can offer you a better deal. You would probably have to start another contract.

For example, TalkTalk, (who own Tiscali), offer high speed connection, phone line rental, plus free UK weekend calls for £18.48/month. However, it is an 18 month contract.

click here

Lots of choice around; changing ISP`s is not difficult.

  MarvintheAndroid 19:21 22 Mar 2010

Have you noticed a recent drop-off in speed, or has it always been that bad ? It may be that your line will only support limited speeds. I sympathise.

Ask your ISP to reset your line profile (or request BT to do it for them). There will then follow a period of around 10 days where the line speed will fluctuate, trying to get the best speed.

For a quick test of your upload and download throughput, I recommend PC Pitstop click here

I would run a quick check every week or so to get a good overall impression of how good or bad your line is and wother it fluctuates.

You can also visit to check the capabilities of your local exchange and find out if any alternative providers cover your area. click here


  MarvintheAndroid 19:22 22 Mar 2010

PS If the line is rubbish, changing ISP will probably make no difference. (Sorry)


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