broadband speed

  howard64 17:06 26 Jan 2010

I have tested my up to 8MBits broadband several times today using boradbandchoices speed test giving a value of around 2.73 MBits downloading and 0.37 MBits up loading all morning and early afternoon. Just now it was showing as 5.49 MBits down and 0.67 MBits up on broadband choices but on talktalks own test just now was showing as 7.229 MBits down and 0.622 MBits up. What I do not understand is why it should vary so much during the day and between 2 different speed testers a matter of seconds apart. Anyone got any theories?

  User-312386 18:07 26 Jan 2010

This time of day everyone is on there way home from work, so less people are using the service and therefore the contention ratio is better!

  john bunyan 18:20 26 Jan 2010

Imagine a row of baths fed by one main pipe with branches. If no one else is bathing it fills quickly, but if many are wanting a bath at the same time there is only the same amount of water for all to share. Some ISP's seem to be able to supply at higher pressure!. My 8 Mbps varies from about 2 to about 6 Mbps. I use
to monotor speeds.

  howard64 18:34 26 Jan 2010

thanks both - just used speedtest and got 7.16 down and 0.622 up.

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