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  Abel 22:50 21 Jan 2010

I live in the sticks in north Devon and my maximum download bandwidth/line speed is 1 megabyte, However, at the moment I’m getting as little as 87k and as much as 130k. I’m speaking to Orange my ISP about this and they are having a line check done. I should also mention that immediately prior to this event I had no Internet connection, which they rectified, and that up ‘till then I had had no problems running at a speed of about 750/800k
I have recently reformatted just drive ‘C’ on a 200 gigabyte HD which has two partitions. I’ve reinstalled the various programmes and then reloaded the work files saved on a DVD. Although everything seems to work OK when I boot-up, the usual beep is missing and certain little things that worked previously now don’t. For example, while I can scroll up and down with my mouse wheel in Excel it doesn’t similarly work in Lotus 123. The point of all this is to ask whether it’s at all possible that anything I’ve done could cause the bandwidth/line speed problem?


  Graham. 00:49 22 Jan 2010

The standard response is 'Do you have a test socket?' click here for example. If you do, connect your router to the test socket and see if it makes a difference to the speed.

  rdave13 01:01 22 Jan 2010

After you reformatted the C:\ drive did you install the motherboard drivers and graphics card drivers ?
As for BB speed then if not happy suggest to Orange that if they can't supply what they promise then you will search for a better ISP.

  hugh144 07:42 22 Jan 2010

I'm suffering the same problem in West Wales with Orange. BT spent 2 hours checking the system on Tuesday afternoon and did manage to achieve just over 1 meg (2 megs is the maximum that Orange can provide). Unfortunately, at 'peak' times the speeed still drops to as low as 250kbps! I've been asked to keep on performing speed checks using so that the problem can be referred to a department within BT that deals with difficult faults. Obviously, thought of changing ISP but at the moment 'it could be out of the frying pan into the fire'.

Keep perservering by contacting Orange and ask to speak to their Faults Department (based in UK).

  Abel 08:32 22 Jan 2010

Good morning everyone!
Graham my 'Test Socket' is about 20 yards away. It would be quite impractable to move my kit to do as you suggest. In any event, for nine years in its present position, my maching has worked acceptably.
Yes, rdave13, I installed all the drivers.

Somehow an unrelated, and I suspect an advertsing ploy, has got onto my thread, and I can't see a means of notifying the FE.


  Technotiger 08:57 22 Jan 2010

Click on Contact Forum Editor, at the top of your thread!

  Technotiger 08:58 22 Jan 2010

PS - send the FE a link to this thread, saves him time looking for it!

  Abel 09:07 22 Jan 2010

Thanks TT, have sent the FE a note. His link couldn't have been more obvious. Must stll have had sleep in my eyes!


  Forum Editor 19:50 22 Jan 2010


  Abel 22:16 22 Jan 2010

Thanks FE.
Thanks too for the responses from the rest of you. It would appear that the problem's that of Orange. A near neighbour phoned to ask for my help and advice, because she too was having very slow bandwidth speed and her ISP is Orange also. Having spoken to a friend of mine who was a BT ngineer for 26 years, he believes the problem may well be in our local telephone exchange. In the circumstances I'm closing the thread as resolved.


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