Broadband speed

  manrow 22:15 04 May 2008

What are the factors that effect this?

My Sky broadband was lousy until we realised it was being restricted by BT!

The distance from the exchange is a factor, but so is whether the children are on holiday or not!!

So what slows it down?

  Dipso 23:38 04 May 2008

Distance from the exchange affects the potential connection speed. The further away from the exchange the higher your loop loss or attenuation figure is likely to be. If you check the graph click here you can see that with a downstream attenuation of 40db or less you should exect to a connection speed of 8 Meg on ADSL Max but as this increases the speed decreases.

Children being on holiday and peak time slow downs doesn't affect your connection speed but can affect your download speed, this tends to be down to contention or capacity issues. There's a brief explanation of contention at click here Capacity is down to your ISP providing enough bandwidth for everyone. Any decent ISP should have enough bandwidth to cope with increased demand at peak times. I have experienced slowdowns at peak times but my ISP responded by upgrading the exchange.

Another factor that can have an effect on speed is excess noise on your phone line either caused by internal or external sources. Removng the ring wire from your master sockets removeable faceplate can help reduce internal noise.

"My Sky broadband was lousy until we realised it was being restricted by BT!"

Are you on Sky's Connect service?

  wis 00:41 05 May 2008

so what average speed are you getting

  manrow 21:29 05 May 2008

Dipso, yes I am on Sky's Connect service. When I complained to Sky 2 months ago they asked BT to remove the constraints, and immediately the speed jumped to 6990kbs.

wis, you asked for my speeds now:-

DownStream Connection Speed 1440
UpStream Connection Speed 448

  rob3600 00:42 06 May 2008

I've had loads of problems with my download speed as cven be seen by previous requests for help. with tiscali and got so fed up with the internet going off for up to 72 hours got the number of the head office in England and gave of mary hell, still no real improvement did jump for a few hours to 3mg and now back to the normal 0.5 to 1mg. I only live 2 miles from the exchanges the crow flies, althoug my son does a lot or torrentiing!!!!

  Dipso 22:07 07 May 2008

If your connection speed has dropped from 6990kbps to 1440Kbps there must to be a problem with your connection. This isn't a symptom of contention/congestion or throttling by the ISP.

Do you use the Sky router? Can you find out your full line stats, attenuation, noise margin etc.?

  manrow 05:10 08 May 2008


You are quite right!

The drop was mainly caused by moving my router upstairs, and it now seems the BT socket there is faulty. Reconnecting to the main BT point downstairs and the numbers become:-

ADSL Firmware Version A2pB023c.d20e
Modem Status Up
DownStream Connection Speed 5120
UpStream Connection Speed 448
VCI 38

Are these all the numbers you meant?

  User-1229748 06:20 08 May 2008

they always advise you to use the main bt socket.i think youll find it will be ok now :-)

  rob3600 07:10 08 May 2008

I see once again we are back on the subject of broadband speed glad I am not the only person having this problem. I agree smackheadz they do recommend connecting to the main BT socket but in some cases, unless, you want to go wireless that is not always possible, is it? My main socket is in the hall and but computer is upstairs in the bedroom. Once again on Monday I lost connectivity with my Tiscali ISP and was told it could take upto 48 hours to get it back, second time this week! I thinking of getting a group of Tiscali users who are also having problems and going to watchdog.

  Dipso 21:10 08 May 2008

It is better to connect your router to the master socket or if you do use telephone extensions, the test socket, but from the symptoms you had you may benefit from following this click here

Your connection speed seems to have picked up but it still isn't as good as it was previously. To access your full line statistics follow this click here

  Jak_1 21:25 08 May 2008

I had BT fit a dsl master socket in place of the old master socket. This works well, no need for filters on every extention, the socket is the filter and the main phone and ext phone come from that socket. From the dsl side BT provided me with a 30 metre trailing dsl cable. I am at the far end of the exchange line and on my up to 8 meg connection I usually get 3.2 - 4. The only times I have had a connectivity problem is when the isp are having a server problem, not had one of those for nearly a year now.

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