Broadband speed

  manrow 22:39 11 Mar 2008

Can someone please explain what my download/upload figures translate to?

On the Namesco test I achieved 244/243 respectively. Are these numbers anywhere near the 8MB speed the BT test site should be available on my telephone line?

  woodchip 22:57 11 Mar 2008

No they are very low. I am on TalkTalk 8meg 1.8 miles from Exchange and get on the above with a Wireless Laptop

Download 2562kbps

Upload 367kbps

When wireless as above it gets cut by more than half my Ethernet speed. on my desktop

  manrow 07:25 12 Mar 2008

Thanks woodchip you have provided part of the answer as these figures are for using my wireless laptop. What would you expect the numbers to be if I connect by cable?

  woodchip 13:13 12 Mar 2008

You may get about 600 download speed looking the the above. I would check with BT as it looks like you may have noise on the line and it draging your speed down

  manrow 13:59 12 Mar 2008

Thanks Woodchip, I will take that point up with them. It might explain why my laptop wireless speeds away from this house are so much quicker?!

  manrow 14:17 12 Mar 2008

Thanks oldbeefer2, a good point made just in time!!

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