Broadband speed

  Sparky3327 18:51 14 Apr 2005

I'm currently using Tiscali b/b and am generally quite happy.
However, when I move my cursor over the 2 flashing tellies to the bottom right of my screen, it says "Speed 2.2Mbps"
But I've just done a speed test click here which states my speeds as 560kbps downstream and 250kbps upstream.
Is this usual? Are Tiscali fibbing with the speed?

  Graham ® 19:15 14 Apr 2005

What speed are you paying for? The speed you quote would be for a poor line on 1 Meg.

  GroupFC 20:05 14 Apr 2005

I get the same and I know I'm only on 1mb service (with Pipex). I have just done the same speed test which shows I get 978kbps downstream and 243kbps upstream, which I think is right.

I think the 2.2Mbps, which shows when you hover over the icon, is in fact the maximum speed avilable on the line (in other words if you have signed up for a 2Mb service, your line is capable of delivering this!).

  woodchip 20:18 14 Apr 2005

Test Hear use bottom Graphic click here

This is what I got with a 512Kb connection.

This is what I got for a 512Kb 58880 cps

Typical ISDN 64K 7500 cps
Typical ISDN 128K 15000 cps
Typical 10M Ethernet 480000 cps

  VoG II 20:21 14 Apr 2005

Another test click here

You need to run the tests at different times of day over a sufficient period to generate a picture of the minimum and maximum speeds that you can obtain. This will depend on contention ratio amongst other things.

  Jackcoms 21:03 14 Apr 2005

I also use Tiscali.

The 2.2Mbps figure you are seeing is the MAXIMUM speed that the modem can achieve (are you using the Sagem modem?).

It is absolutely nothing to do with the speed you are achieving.

Ignore it. It's pointless and useless info.

The ADSL Guide speed check you are using tells it as it is.

  Sparky3327 21:11 14 Apr 2005

I'm paying for 512kbps service, recently upgraded by Tiscali to 1Mbps.
I've just tried Woodchip's test and it came out a 97390cps which seemed ok.
The reason I wanted to find out more is that I want to upgrade to the 2Mbps service with a 15Gb restriction for a fiver less than I'm paying now, but I don't want to pay anything if I'm not getting the service I'm promised.
Anyway, does 97390cps sound ok to you guys?

  Jackcoms 21:15 14 Apr 2005

It more than OK.

Because of local contention ratios a speed loss of up to about 10 or 12% is perfectly normal.

Yours is well within that parameter.

  Sparky3327 21:28 14 Apr 2005

Thanks for that. I'm using an Alcatel SpeedTouch modem by the way.
Now, how can I keep track of my usage to gauge whether I will be within the limit, which will determine if I can go for the 2Mbps service?

  THE TERMINATOR 21:28 14 Apr 2005

The 2.2Mbps that you can see refers to the speed at which your pc connects to the internet, not neccessary the download speed. You should check this with Tiscali. click here and click here

  THE TERMINATOR 21:29 14 Apr 2005

Sorry click here

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