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  Paula Michelle 15:02 07 Apr 2005

After upgrading to AOL GOLD Broadband I have been told by AOL that I am on 1 megabit per second connection speed, and I'm paying the Gold rate which entitles me to that speed.

But every internet connection speed test facility that I can find tells me I'm getting anywhere between 450 and 500 kilo bits/sec which is the rate for 512 not 1024.

My BT 105 ADSL broadband modem is giving me a reading of: TX 288 RX 2272 which I cannot figure out.

I have tried AOL LIVE HELP technical chat help lines but their reps tell me that they cannot understand what I am telling them so I should ring the technical help line.

I rang the technical help line and after ten minutes he gave up and said he can't understand why this is happening and I should ring them later (so someone else gets the problem).

Please can any of you offer me any advice whatsoever, I would be glad of it. It seems I am paying for 1024 and getting 512 and AOL either don't care or won't help through incompetence.

And I cannot get anyone to put me through to a proper technically competent person.

  mattyc_92 15:09 07 Apr 2005

Has your connection been upgraded, as mine is being upgraded this month(sish)....

  Stuartli 15:27 07 Apr 2005

It may be that BT has not got around to doing the upgrade at the exchange yet - its engineers have had a lot of extra work in recent weeks with the latest speed upgrades for the same or slightly less charge.

Some Pipex members have been informed it may get to August before all the upgrading is completed unless they are prepared to pay extra to have it done manually (Pipex uses the payment to compensate BT for the upgrading of an individual connection).

  woodchip 15:37 07 Apr 2005

Yes they have been connecting my BT/NTL 512kb accoun,t as he says above I am getting anything from 506 to 530kbps

  Paula Michelle 15:40 07 Apr 2005

It is very complicated. First I ordered SILVER 256 late December. TWO DAYS later I ordered GOLD 512. I received the upgrade and was charged £24.99 for Feb and March.
When the speed upgrades were being done I received an email telling me I was going to be on 512. I told them I'm already on 512. They said no your not. I said,"Look I have been testing this line for two months and I've been getting between 450 and 500 kbps all the time." They said, "That's right for SILVER". I said,"NO it is the rate for gold BEFORE the new upgrades.".
They were then completely flummoxed and I have records which I copied to prove this from the chat line transcripts. They said, "You are on Silver, we will refund you £14 for being charged GOLD RATES whilst being on SILVER. Do you wish to upgrade to Gold?". After further useless explanation and protests that I didn't want to cheat anyone, I was forced to agree.
Now I'm OFFICIALLY on Gold, and as a "new" Gold customer I am entitled to what is my speed connection now? Answer : same as always, 512. And what does AOL say? WE DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIND OUT WHAT IS HAPPENING. You are on 1mbps according to what we have here.
I couldn't care less about £14 refund..I just want a decent ISP who knows what they are doing and will provide me with what I am paying for and what everyone else is getting.

  Paula Michelle 15:43 07 Apr 2005

Thank you for that information. You may well be right. But shouldn't AOL say so, if that's the case? Instead of just insisting that I'm on 1mbps by looking at a record and not checking it out?

  mattyc_92 15:44 07 Apr 2005

Oh... I seem to recall a thread on this....

I would tell then that you are paying for a service that you are not recieving... And if nothing, say that you will contact BBC's WatchDog Program and most companies start to back down alittle then....

  eego 15:46 07 Apr 2005

It sounds to me as if you are being seen off and, as you say, your data throughput rate is much less than you would expect. You can easily validate your modem connection speed by simply placing your mouse pointer over the dual monitor screens on the bottom right task bar. This should display around 1.1 Mbps. If this is the case and your line tests are still showing 500 Kbps then get back to them and ask them to have BT re-test the line. If on the other hand your modem is still showing a connect speed of 512 then it would suggest that you haven't been upgraded yet to the new rate.

  woodchip 15:48 07 Apr 2005

Well you are only getting what I get on NTL 512kb

  Paula Michelle 15:50 07 Apr 2005

A technical guy at AOL's telephone call centre for technical queries told me that the internet testing sites such as, and others are not to be trusted for getting speed readings.

Any comments?

  eego 15:57 07 Apr 2005

Ive just done a line test with to-day and it was spot on for my modem.
On the same subject I had a simlar problem when upgrading with my ISP and there seemed to be the same confusion at there end. It was only resolved after 2 months with the original order being cancelled and me restarting from the beginning again. I don't think that the various service departments are joined up with some of these companies.

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