Broadband slowdown??????

  concretepigsy 21:36 17 Jan 2003
  concretepigsy 21:36 17 Jan 2003

I have Telewest broadband via a USB modem.
when it works it works fantastically well!!
but on several occasions recently, after periods of internet or pc inactivity, any link i click takes anything up to a minute to load after which its fine again.

Is this a problem or am i being to picky for 25 quid a month??

  woodchip 21:48 17 Jan 2003

If you mean PCA it's just about dropped dead at the mo with regard to getting any response when clicking on post etc just done a reboot, turned modem of and back on to no avail

  concretepigsy 21:50 17 Jan 2003

thanks woodchip but its every website i use not just PCA.

  Cuddles 15:11 18 Jan 2003

Try running click here it will test your connection and see if you are running at the correct speed.

  Cuddles 15:13 18 Jan 2003

You could also try running the modem the conventioal way and not via usb as this can slow things down.

  frasernet 18:38 18 Jan 2003

i had this, on internet explorer pull down tools, then internet options, connections, lan settings, ther you will see a tick by 'use proxy server, the last 2 digits in the first line [longest] can be changed, for example194.117.133.26 >> '26'can be changed to any of these >> 28 9 10 84 36 54 68 180 166 also the 4 digit [port] option can be changed for either 8080 or 3128. trial and error but every now and then i change them when some of my pages hang. once changed it flies again. good luck.

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