Broadband - slow or no connection

  [DELETED] 17:43 11 Sep 2003

My friend recently signed up for Freeserve Broadband, having been running Freeserve "Anytime" without problem. He connected the new modem correctly and it worked, but only slowly, It gradually got slower to the point where it wouldn't work at all.
Freeserve sent him a new (and supposedly superior) modem, which he connected up but all he gets is an error notice to the effect that the Dial Up Netwroking Server is not responding!
He runs Windows 98 and he has re-installed that. He has removed the new modem from the system and re-installed it, but it still will not work. All the necessary lights on the modem are shining, which seems to say that it is connected up properly and a telephone connected to the same socket works. He has checked that the modem is the default and that it is set to dial the default. Freeserve have given up and have suggested that he goes back to his computer shop (gone bust!)
Anybody any ideas about what might be wrong here?

  sil_ver 19:19 11 Sep 2003

Have you had a word with BT as sometimes your connection may be being blocked by some process between you and the exchange. I've seen the term DACS mentioned but honestly don't know the significance of the term only that it can have an effect such as you appear to be having.

  graham√ 19:47 11 Sep 2003

It is possible that a DACS (Digital to Analogue Conversion System) has been left connected at the customers end. This in itself should,t cause a problem, as without the exchange counterpart there would be a metallic path to carry the signal.

A quick line test using 151 may be useful, but not conclusive.

You keep using the word 'dial', which doesn't really apply to Broadband. Freeserve should talk your friend through 'ADSL Test', which does exactly that.

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