Broadband & Slow download speeds...

  Hunky 02:34 21 Aug 2004

I recently got broadband connected....(UTV Clicksilver). I was disappointed when I found the maximum download speed was only 422Kbits/sec...& that was on a good day. The advertised speed was 512 Kbits/sec, which changed to 460 Kbits/sec. On getting in touch with my ISP, I was informed that I was lucky, as their aim was & still is 410 Kbits/sec.
I like watching music I THINK that I need the higher speed as my PC says 'buffering' this due the to the lower than expected speed? OR is it that my PC has only 512MB's of RAM? Oh...what is the 'normal' download speed? I using win98SE...Thank you in advance for your help...Hunky

  Benzo 04:14 21 Aug 2004

the 512mb ram shouldnt be a problem thats plenty enough

  Hunky 04:54 21 Aug 2004

Thanks Benzo.
What I really need to know now is .....410Kbits/sec.....Enough for watching music videos?.....Anyone know?

  johnnyrocker 09:33 21 Aug 2004

should be ample, wherever you are using it from you should make sure you have the correct connection speed entered, also get a full suite of anti spyware (if not already got) adaware spybot spyware blaster from d/loads section of this site as there could be quite a bit running in the background slowing things.


  Dipso 13:52 21 Aug 2004

click here The example given shows that you can get quite dramatic results from making a few tweaks. I have used DrTcp (freeware) and found it improved my connection but I do get good speeds so it just made them better.

Make sure you back up your registry before making any adjustments to be on the safe side though.

click here= gives some more info and suggested MTU and RWIN figures that have been recommended by others.

  pj123 15:46 21 Aug 2004

Sorry Hunky to butt in on your thread but where do these download figures come from? I am on NTL BB which was 600kbps but whenever I download anything it always says somewhere between 65kbps and 70kbps. Now I have been upgraded to 750kbps my download speed is around 85kbps to 90kbps, which I have always thought was pretty fast. For example I have just downloaded a 8.1mb file which took 1m 21s at a transfer rate of 88.6kbps. Is the transfer rate different from the download speed?

  Easterner 16:01 21 Aug 2004

Your download speed will vary according to how many people are connected both to the site that you are visiting and the number of people who are on your link to the exchange.

My downloads are normally fairly fast but my neighbour likes to play games online and when he connects it drops dramatically.

As I understand it, the ISPs have what they call a contention ratio of about 20 to 1 for domestic broadband connections and 10 to 1 for business. This seems to mean that the 512 or whatever connection will be shared by the number of people on that particular link so reducing the effective speed.


If your 85/90 kbps is what is reported in the M$ download speed box it usually shows KBps rather than Kbps which seems be about right for the broadband speed that you are using (1 Byte = 8 bits) - I have a 512 Kbps connection and apart from the first few seconds when it seems to be reading from some sort of cache I usually get in the region of 55-60 KBps (at quiet times).

  Dipso 23:03 21 Aug 2004

Unless you are with a cable provider, domestic connections are usually 50:1 unless you pay extra for a 20:1 contention ratio.

pj123 - as Easterner says your 90KBps is equivalent to 720Kbps 90x8=720 compared to the OP's 422, but you are with NTL 750 and OP's maximum is 512.

I must admit though, I don't understand this "The advertised speed was 512 Kbits/sec, which changed to 460 Kbits/sec."?

I still think the speed can be improved with a little tweaking.

  Easterner 23:18 21 Aug 2004

Sorry - You're absolutely right the domestic contention ratio is usually 50 to 1.

I do not what came over me.

Mea Culpa

  Hunky 00:22 22 Aug 2004

Thanks all. PJ123 as to where I get my results typing in the address bar...'U.TV/Speedtest'....without the inverted commas,Hit Return, & following the simple instructions. I do this test several times to get an average reading. Thanks to Johnnyrocker,Dipso & Eastender also.Already thanked the others.
Let me pose my question a different thread.

  Dipso 00:37 22 Aug 2004

I have just tried your speed tester and I find it gives me a lower speed than my usual click here
As a comparison, what do you get when using ADSL Guides speedtest?

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