Broadband signal weak through interferance

  steve263000 10:07 01 Jun 2013

I have recently been having problems with my broadband. (Virgin). It went off yesterday and today and a technician came out. The router was changed and he tested all the signals.

He could find no problem with his equipment but got it working again my changing the channels. He said there must be something in the house or near neighborhood that is causing it.

The only thing that has changed is a new fuse box put in to power a new cooker and cooker hood in my kitchen. Could that be causing it? And if so what can be done about it?

  steve263000 11:45 01 Jun 2013

Changing channels has not solved problem. I am connected by the Virgin 'superhub' which up until recently has been working fine. How do I check for a high signal?

  lotvic 13:49 01 Jun 2013

"only thing that has changed is a new fuse box put in to power a new cooker and cooker hood in my kitchen. Could that be causing it? And if so what can be done about it?"

Process of elimination of any and all electrical equipment, You can check if that is the cause by switching off trip switch for that circuit/radial in your fuse box, and see if it solves the problem.

In fact if you switch all of the trip switches off - just leaving the ones you need to power electric plugs circuit for modem, router and pc - (and also disconnect any other equipment tvs, radios etc) then switch on each in turn (trip switches and other equipment) to see if any affect the Broadband signal (interference starts again).

  steve263000 14:15 01 Jun 2013

Download speed 13925 kbps and upload speed 2944 kbps.

I am on a wireless broadband with Virgin. I have tried turning off the trip switches and that does not seem to be causing the problem as far as I can tell.

  lotvic 14:24 01 Jun 2013

"How do I check for a high signal?"

In wireless networks, search for other networks and look at the signal strength.

It looks like Channels is causing the problem, maybe when technician changed wireless channel one of your neighbours wasn't 'switched on' or maybe they also had been having problems and they've changed their channel as well (sod's law)

  john bunyan 18:47 01 Jun 2013

Ideally you should get the speed you pay for. I pay for "up to 8mbps" and am getting about 9 -10 mbps (via copper wires). I do not download films nor video, and find that my 9mbps is perfectly adequate - no stuttering on BBC I Player etc. As a matter of interest why do you need such high speeds? I ask because I am thinking of trying fibre optic, but do I really need it?

  sharpamat 09:59 02 Jun 2013

Try Connecting direct using Ethernet cable, Then Run your speed test again this will show what speed you are getting from Virgin. should be the starting point rather than looking for wirless problems that may or may not be the cause

  steve263000 08:43 03 Jun 2013

Thanks for all the help and answers. I still have the problem and today had to get windows to sort out the router problem. John Bunyan, it was just a special offer at the time, but I do watch quite a bit of BBC iPlayer etc so it comes in handy. We have had fiber cable around here for years so we do use it.

The computer has been in the same position for a long time and this is a recent problem. No other networks are detected by windows. How do I check and change the channels on the super hub?

Also I have just found this piece on 'Digital spy' It seems a recent upgrade to the firmware has caused many problems so perhaps it is not me

  steve263000 08:50 03 Jun 2013

There seems to be a problem with the super hub itself. A forum on Digital spy has said that they have connected a wi-fi router and use the super hub as a modem. I have a spare Wi-Fi router that I took down when I got the super hub. How do I connect that to give it a try. It seems worth a go anyway.

  Woolwell 10:05 03 Jun 2013

Virgin have a useful help page for improving wifi speed Improve wifi speed link Hope that link works. They recommend using inssider to check signal strength and interference from other channels. I loaded it on my laptop and carried it around the house. One room, fortunately in which we never use wifi, was useless but there were several "optimum" spots.

  GatDan 10:29 03 Jun 2013

Thank you for your advice. Gotta check it now.

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