broadband shutdown

  jypsea 06:52 24 Oct 2004

good problem is that if i stay connected to my BT broadband for a long time..say for arguments sake over 4 hours, then when i come to close connection everything desk top icons dont work and when i try to shut down PC i get a message saying connections tray not responding end task now or wait for it to finish..which it never does..seems a bit pointless having BB if i cant shut it down after long connections..system is xp with sp2 .i know sp2 isnt the problem as it as happened before sp2.sometimes it will tell me system tray isnt responding..i have ZA and avast AV running in the system tray..thank you for any help. im off to shop for my nicotine ..

  Lionheart ? 11:13 24 Oct 2004


it could possibly be the drivers, do you have the frog (green usb modem). Try updating your drivers: click here I had a few problems with older drivers.

  jypsea 11:44 24 Oct 2004

not sure what i have lionheart..if you mean external modem for BB its not really any colour but underneath it says BT voyager 100 usb asdl modem

  jonboy 11:50 24 Oct 2004

yeh i get that 2 r u with AOL Broadband

  jypsea 11:52 24 Oct 2004

bt it only happens if i stay on a long time

  jonboy 11:56 24 Oct 2004

yeh i am on aol with the same modem and it happens to me if i leave it on

  picklsey 15:36 24 Oct 2004


  Graham ® 15:45 24 Oct 2004

USB modems must be on a hub on their own, that is, nothing using the second port.

Although USBs are generally 'hot pluggable', a sudden demand for power can make the PC unstable.

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