broadband sharing for xp and 98se

  wilgil 14:23 18 Feb 2003

i want to do broadband sharing for two computers which have xp and 98se respectively. modem for the xp which is already connected is alcatel speedtouch. so i just need to get crossover cable and two network cards like netgear fa311. right? how do i do it, pleasse hold my hand? and any pitfalls to beware of?



  Piggy,Piggy 15:15 18 Feb 2003

you could use a wired or wireless network, if you need your hand holding like you say, i would go for wireless, all you need is an access point and two wireless PCI cards, one for each PC, you just plug in the cards, load up the drivers (XP will probably already have signed drivers) and set up a shared network. This is all relatively easy and can be achieved for under £200

  fitshase 16:58 18 Feb 2003

If your computers are near eachother and a cable is sufficient, then a crossover cable and another network card is enough.

Put one network card in the 98 machine and an extra one in the XP machine. Then connect the cable and start both computers.

Then, go to the network settings on XP and select the "setup wizard" or "home network wizard" and this should do everything for you.

Hope this helps



  jazzypop 17:22 18 Feb 2003

Fitshase has given sound advice. If you would prefer step-by-step instructions, click here or click here

  [email protected]βÖ¥ ™ 17:34 18 Feb 2003

Make sure you have the ICS service running on the Gateway PC. I had problems when this was disabled.

  wilgil 14:47 25 Feb 2003

guys, i have some further questions. if host machine is xp home and connects via pipex/atcatel speedtouch 330 usb; and 2nd machine is 98se and connected via crossover/ plus 2 pci cards; then what can the 98se machine access? can it do broadband over that set up or does it need a router? can apps on the 98 machine access the internet over broadband?

i have many more apps on the 98se machine eg ms publisher, and it will be a pain if i cant go to ms design gallery and templates online with that machine to get my clip art.

cheers in advance and thanks for help so far.

  Legolas 15:42 25 Feb 2003

You can set both machines to share their harddrives or install remote desktop from your XP disk on your client machine then you can access the host computers desktop from your client machine I am running XP as my host and 98 as my client with a broadband connection and I can access the internet no problem from my client machine. If you install something like PCAnywhere on both machines you can then access and control each machine from the other. I have carbon copy installed on both my host and client although it is only a 30 day trial but it is excellent for accessing and controlling one machine from the other.

  Legolas 15:44 25 Feb 2003

Sorry I meant to say that using crossover cable and NIC cards between two computers is OK there is no need for a router to access the Internet from either machine

  wilgil 15:57 25 Feb 2003

thanks for prompt advice. so which option is best if i don't want to buy software or have 30-day trials? sharing drives or remote desktop. what are the special upsides of PCAnywhere etc and what is carbon copy?

have patience i am nearly ready to meet my engineer and have problem resolved.

  jazzypop 16:24 25 Feb 2003

To keep it simple for now - once the two PCs are connected successfully, the W98 PC will behave exactly as if it was connected directly to the modem, i.e. full access to the web.

There are a couple of minor 'gotchas'. The main one is that for the W98 PC to access the Web, the XP PC must be switched on, as it the XP PC acts as the 'gateway' for the W98 PC to the modem, and then the Web. One way round this restriction is to use a router (cost £60-100), which will allow independent access from either PC, no matter which is switched on.

There are a few other minor restrictions on the W98 PC, when using the XP PC as a gateway - tasks such as Netmeeting, and playing online games, can be quite tricky to setup.

The programs that Legolas refers to are (probably) more complex solutions than you are after right now. With a simple setup, you can open a file that is stored on either PC (e.g. if the XP PC has more free disk space, it can be used to store files for the W98 PC). It is also possible, using programs such as those that Legolas refers to, to take complete control of one PC from the other (e.g. to sit at the XP PC and run a program that is only installed on the W98 PC, but to view it and operate it from the XP PC).

I hope this clarifies, rather than muddies the water. It is actually much easier to do it, than explain it :)

  jazzypop 16:26 25 Feb 2003

I forgot to say - start by sharing a folder on each PC that contains the files you might want to accees from each PC. If you need the full 'take control' facilities, you can always install them later.

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