Broadband sharing - what do I need to know?

  jabisfab 15:22 25 Oct 2004

Hi, I'm a new subscriber to PC advisor, and find it very useful.Hoping the helproom is going to be as beneficial. I want to get connected to broadband (wouldn't mind opinions on best provider), and we need to be able to share the connection. One PC can connect by wire, but I need my second PC to connect wirelessly. Has anyone done this successfully? If so, what provider are you using, what equipment to I need and are they any simple guides out there as to how you set it all up? (the router, the networking etc).

  Noelg23 15:30 25 Oct 2004

ok first in terms of provider...were you wanting capped or uncapped connection, what speed did you want (512K, 1Mb, 2Mb) did you want free modem or will you be getting your own? cos for the best value for money go to click here they do half price activation at the mo but their modem is £45 so I would buy your own but its uncapped and prices start from £17 a month onwards depending on which connection you choose plus no minimum 12 month contract only 3 months. as for networking...well definitely get a router modem than a USB one best to get one that is wireless so you can be able to connect one wirelessly and one save yourself some buck that way...but someone who has done this will tell you more...another many phones do you have in the house and are they digital and do you have sky digital...? alot of questions yes but its alot to consider when getting broadband..

  jabisfab 16:00 25 Oct 2004

Thanks for the cpbb ref, will look into their deals. Will probably go for 512K or 1M. Free modem was hoped for in the deal. We're not on Sky and have two phone lines, digital hand sets so only one is connected to a phone socket.

If go with a wireless router, what is needed on the wireless desktop PC to connect to the router, and similarly on the wired PC?

  Noelg23 16:05 25 Oct 2004

cos you have digital phones you may experience connection problems with the broadband cos the signal on the phones can disrupt the signal for broadband so I would suggest getting analogue cordless phones.

to connect the wireless router to both PCs what you need on the first PC that will be connected wirelessly is a wireless Network card and the same for the second PC but wired version. you can check out click here for a few ideas but bear in mind their products are rather pricey so go to click here for cheaper options..hope this helps...also you can get a wireless or wired router modem from the second link I have given you...

  steve263000 16:35 25 Oct 2004

I cannot help re sharing, but I have been using NTL for years. click here Very little problems at all. I pay £25 pm for 512k, and that has recently been upgraded first to 600, and now to 750 kps with no extra charge. Highly recommended.

  pmjd 16:40 25 Oct 2004

Don't worry about the phones interuppting your BB connection, they can't as phone and BB use different parts of your phone line. I have sent up BB for several people with digital cordless phones and seen no interference. The only way there will be any interference is if you don't use a splitter on the phone socket that you attach the BB or phone cord to. You need a spliter regardless of your phone type, you usually get one included with a BB modem.

Just to follow up on a few points made by Noelg23. Netgear make some very nice products that are easy to use. If you want to go wireless I'd suggest the netgear DG834G. It costs around £80 and it will do all the things you require and more. It has a built in BB modem, a firewall to keep you safe, a router to allow you to share the connection and wireless access point to do the wireless sharing.

You will need in addition to the DG834G: a network card (if your PC doesn't have one), a network cable, and a wireless network card for the other PC.

Sorry but I have to dash, will provide more details later, if wanted.


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