broadband sharing with a difference?

  serpoid 16:49 12 Jun 2003

I am trying to share an ntl connection between two pc's....but i need to access the connection when either machine is this impossible.
I have a USB router.
Any suggestions much appreciated.



  Kobayashimaru 17:35 12 Jun 2003

If the NTL Modem has an ethernet connector on the back as well as a USB one then all you have to do is plug it directly into a switch.

I've got mine running off a 5 port switch and know both my work pc and laptop and the kids machines can access the internet on there own accord.

  serpoid 17:46 12 Jun 2003

Hi Kobayashimaru

Thanx for responding but can you clarify the setup of your equptment in stages for me please...Thanx in advance


  jazzypop 19:33 12 Jun 2003
  Despicable Desperado 22:23 12 Jun 2003

Believe NTL modems have both usb and ethernet ports so why not connect one to the usb and the other to the ethernet?

  keith-236785 23:25 12 Jun 2003

Despicable Desperado is correct, my NTL provided modem can connect via USB or LAN (ethernet)

as Kobayashimaru says, a switch would enable the internet connection to be used by any of the pcs without others having to be switched on

im afraid im a bit dumb as i dont know the difference between a switch and a router, maybe someone could help me with this.

  Despicable Desperado 23:42 12 Jun 2003

A switch is just a network hub (ie connects a given number of pcs together) but has a bit of in built intelligence - it can send information to a particular pc on the net work rather than sending it to all the pcs on the network thereby cutting down on network traffic. A router also adds internet connectibilty either by including an ISDN or ADSL modem or by providing a port to connect such a device. This is simplistic but I think you will get the gist.

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