Broadband Sharing

  I-W 12:22 05 Oct 2003

Iv got a computer which has aol broadband installed and what to share it with another computer, but i wont to be able to sghare the connection with out one computer being on all the time. any ideas? would another broadband modem connected to the phone line work?

  Jim'll Fix I.T. 12:31 05 Oct 2003

I use a Netgear DG824M Broadband router, this is 'on' all the time and whenever a computer in the house is switched on, that computer has an internet connection without relying on another computer being on line.
Hope this helps.

  Bazz2000 12:34 05 Oct 2003

There is a couple of ways to do it but Jim'll Fix I.T.s idea should work as good as any other. What version of windows are you using because its all a lot simpler if you have xp

  I-W 16:47 05 Oct 2003

sound alright. would i be able to have both computers using the broadband connection at the same time if we have 1 account with an isp?

  fitshase 17:48 05 Oct 2003

Yes that will work.

The router sits between the broadband modem and the computers. Each computer plugs into the router and the router plugs into the modem. Each computer will then have access to the broadband connection regardless of the other machine being switched on.

The router will work with 1 account with an ISP.



  I-W 18:10 05 Oct 2003

would i be able to use 1 account ant the same time on the 2 computers?

  fitshase 19:26 05 Oct 2003


as far as your ISP is concerned, only 1 computer is using the account because the router takes the place of the computer which is currently connected to the broadband modem.

When you set your router up, it assumes the MAC address and IP address of your network card in your computer. The router then assigns each computer an IP address.

This means that the ISP will only see 1 MAC address connecting to the internet through your broadband modem.



  I-W 23:12 05 Oct 2003

Thnkyou allfor your help. :)

  FireOfBlue 23:57 05 Oct 2003

I think you will find great difficulty sharing an aol account. I am not definite, but believe that you can't use a router with aol, and can only log on one creen name at a time.

  I-W 09:22 07 Oct 2003

if i got another broadband modem with an rj 11 outlet, put a filter on the junction of the other computer, used a usb cable to link it all up would that enable me to share broadband?

  fitshase 14:30 07 Oct 2003

Who is your ISP?

If you bought another broadband modem, you could only use one at a time because you only have one phone line and one account.

I am with Blueyonder (from Telewest) and I use a home network to allow me to share my connection.

If you post your ISP then I'm sure there will be someone in the forum who is using broadband from the same ISP and is using a homne network.



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