Broadband set up question

  Chris Webster 21:59 17 Jun 2005

I've just decided to get a broadband connection for my WinXP laptop. What i would like to know is, can i use the same set up disc etc to set up my Win ME laptop too. I won't be networking them together as i only normally use my Win ME laptop as a test machine.

Thanks, Chris.

  nd33cfc 22:04 17 Jun 2005

I think you will need to contact your ISP about that one chris. Good Luck.

  VoG II 22:07 17 Jun 2005

It should work but you may be prompted to install drivers for ME (should be on the CD and automatically installed).

  Yoda Knight 09:57 18 Jun 2005

What ISP are you using ? If its a cable connection u dont even need the cd

  Chris Webster 23:05 18 Jun 2005

Yoda Knight,


  Dipso 23:18 18 Jun 2005

You don't necessarily need a CD to set up ADSL either but may need the modem drivers if it's a USB modem. You can just set up the connection manually if you know your user name and password. I try to avoid ISP set up discs to prevent the unwanted branding ie. provided by ..., changes to home page, search engines and favourites they tend to install.

  Totally-braindead 23:24 18 Jun 2005

To answer your original question I agree with VoG™, you may need to install the driver but it will work fine on both PCs.

  Chris Webster 23:30 18 Jun 2005


I've made many manual dial up connections for myself and for friends but i didn't know you could make one for broadband.

The BB modem will be a USB one, how do i install the drivers from the disc without running the full set up?

Cheers, Chris.

  Completealias 23:48 18 Jun 2005

I should think pop the disc in cancel setup, plug the modem in when it wants to find the drivers point to the cd.

Or explore the cd and find the drivers

  Dipso 00:08 19 Jun 2005

If I remember correctly, you have to install drivers for the Speedtouch 330 before connecting the modem to the USB port. If you click here you can download the latest drivers from the manufacturers site if you have problems "exploring" the CD.

Basically the USB modem connection is the same as setting up a dial up connection but the telephone number is irrelevant so can be "0".

  Chris Webster 15:05 19 Jun 2005


Thank you for the link, i've downloaded the drivers from the 'Windows Driver CD' link ( I take it i clicked the correct one?

Many thanks, Chris.

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