Broadband service in UK - Top 3 are...

  [DELETED] 19:23 17 Aug 2003

Just for the information... I've checked on broadband-hlep and I'd like to have yr feedback as well...

  [DELETED] 19:38 17 Aug 2003

Take yer choice...Pipex, AOL, Freeserve, Zen, Force9, Tiscali, BT, Bulldog, etc., etc., they all use BT as a line provider and they are all reliable. It is unlikely that you will need the helpdesks more than once and there is always these forums for incisive help. The ISPs will all have those who have had problems (service, connection, billing) and those users who have had naff all problems (*ahem* moi) so any 'comparisons' are unlikely to be of much use.

For what it's worth I use Tiscali BB and have never had a problem with speed, service et al...however others could regard them as the evil impish servants o'de debble.

Connection quality is more to do with where you are based rather than the name of the ISP. When choosing I went for Tiscali because a). I used for for dialup since days and found them brilliant and b). they offered a free modem, connection and filters. I was tempted with Pipex as they were slightly cheaper but better the devil ya know. Choose any of the above and take into account monthly cost, setup costs and period of contract. As all the connections go through BT you could do worse than signing up to the flute playing man.


  [DELETED] 20:04 17 Aug 2003

I chose Tiscali for same reasons, and agree with you. At change-over Tiscali said I should collect my email/ on a pay-as-you-go BT line at local rate. But someone has said I can recall it "free" on my Tiscali bb. Do you know if this is so?

  [DELETED] 20:14 17 Aug 2003

I chose f9 broad band @ £18.99 per month, good connection no problems.

  [DELETED] 21:01 17 Aug 2003

I'm on Blueyonder broadband (just the basic 512K service not the 1Mb or 2Mb).

Speeds are good, reliability excellent.



  [DELETED] 23:41 17 Aug 2003

I had to use PAYG dialup for a few days during the changeover and my mail is download by my BB connection. If you have a addy this is unavoidable, assuming you wish to keep it.


  [DELETED] 12:33 18 Aug 2003

Thanks for info. Tiscali service is good except for promptness with bills. I'm happy if they don't want the money on time,- it's up to them. On the other hand my wife feels unhappy with irregular invoicing.

  [DELETED] 12:58 18 Aug 2003

like Fitshase, i too have blueyonder bb 512k, great service, great technical support, great speed, great reliability (no i don't work for them...)

no d/l limits either (yet!)

i came over from freeserve dial-up, well, what

  [DELETED] 13:20 18 Aug 2003

I'm with BT and have been since the broadband service was available in this area (ages ago). I didn't choose BT. I had to accept BT as it was the only ISP offering the service at the time. I was with BT dialup and got the broadband installation done on special free incentive offer. I pay a bit over the odds now compared with some but I am happy with the service. The downtime of the service has only been a few hours overall in the several years I've had it.

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